Customs seize MVR 10 million worth of drugs hidden in mattresses

Customs officials last night seized 11.6 kilograms of illegal narcotics which they claim has an estimated street value of more than MVR 10 million (US$650,000).

The shipment of drugs was hidden inside foam mattresses imported from India.

Customs Superintendent Abdulla Shareef said in a press conference today that customs intelligence had received information about the shipment two months ago, and had been preparing for the operation for a long time.

The drugs were smuggled into the country on a cargo boat that set out from India on June 19, according to Shareef.

Shareef told the press that customs officials searched the boat at 10:00pm while it was docked in the Male’ commercial harbour, and discovered 14 packets hidden inside seven mattresses.

Two Maldivians have been arrested in connection with the case.

According to Shareef, the packets included one kilogram of heroin and 10.6 kilograms of hash oil.

He said the drugs seized were handed to police early this morning.

Police spokesperson Ismail Ali told Minivan News police could not give any details on the case and said they would only confirm the shipment had been handed over.


9 thoughts on “Customs seize MVR 10 million worth of drugs hidden in mattresses”

  1. Hi, I think the headline should read customs instead of police

  2. No, shimy. The mullahs are. We tracked the payments made - and it points right at you wannabe arabs.

    The heroin came from Afghanistan, after all.

    You can run, but you can't hide. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. ShimranAb is wrong. 100 percent Islamic Dhivehistanis don't trade in alcohol, pork or drugs. The evil Hindus or the crafty Jews are behind this. We don't have child abusers or homosexuals in this land. For all you know, I might be a Reptilian Mossad agent pretending to be a Dhivehhistani homosexual.

  4. Hey! If the authorities knew about this shipment 2 months ago....means the vessle was still docked in Indian port or pakistani port.... They should have informed the appropriate authorites and PREVENTED the ship with NARCOTICS from entering Maldivian waters. Looks like the Maldivian authorities, knew well ahead in advance, and wanted the ship to reach Male. Now the drugs can be shared and sold to different agents!

  5. So where does all the alcohol and seized drugs go ??? Does anyone know ? Has anyone seen it burned or destroyed ?

  6. Once the minds are enslaved, the people simply become zombies, schizophrenic and depressed. The truth is always bitter, but you have to digest the truth that infestation of Mullarist Bedouin virus is the sole evil thing that destroys Maldivian society. Once you believe your life is worthless and the sole purpose of your life is to act like slaves .Mumble mantras, kiss the ground whole day long, dehydrate your body during the sacred month and circumambulate sacred stone in an act of self scarification to glorify and worship a monstrous deity, such people who really believe that the purpose of life is as simple as this, there is no way that these people can be a rational and productive.
    The human conscious mind needs freedom, once it is locked in such a fascist psychological prison, the victims simply become maniacs, this is the main reason why you canโ€™t find good people in Maldives. People do everything that is out of realm of decency. 99 % of population falls in to addiction, drug trade, rape, child abuse, cheating, robbing and hardly can you find a single Maldivian who is loyal to anything.


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