Maldives President expresses sympathy after Norway terror attack kills 92

President Mohamed Nasheed has sent a message of sympathy to His Majesty King Harald V of Norway, after a bomb attack in Oslo and a shooting rampage on Utoeya Island killed 92 people on Friday.

Norwegian police have since arrested 32 year-old right-wing anti-Islam fanatic Anders Behring Breivik, as the country comes to terms with its worst attack since World War II and the single worst attack by a lone gunman.

85 of the casualties were young people attending the annual summer camp for the youth wing of Norway’s ruling Labour party.

One of the survivors told news agency Reuters that the gunman was dressed as a policeman and “would tell people to come over: ‘It’s OK, you’re safe, we’re coming to help you.’ And then I saw about 20 people come toward him and he shot them at close range.”

Another survivor told media that Breivik “seemed very focused. He took his time and picked victims out one by one. People lay on the ground, and he went over them and shot them in the back. He shot them all twice to make sure they were dead.”

Breivik had undergone compulsory military training as part of Norway’s national service and held licenses for several firearms, including automatic weapons. He surrendered to armed police who arrived at the Utoeya Island camp 40 minutes after being called by panicked attendees.

Police are investigating whether the car bomb, which exploded outside government offices in Oslo, was linked to Brevik’s purchase of six tons of fertiliser for a farm he bought 10 weeks ago.

Al-jazeera reported that under Norwegian law, Breivik faces a maximum sentence of 21 years extendable indefinitely in five year increments.

Norway has meanwhile entered a period of national mourning.

“This is beyond comprehension. It’s a nightmare,” Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg told press in Oslo.

In his letter to the Norwegian King, President Nasheed said he was “deeply shocked and saddened to hear about the bomb attack on government buildings in Oslo and the subsequent shooting on Utoeya Island. The Government and the people of the Maldives and I condemn this wanton act of terror in the strongest terms. At this time of distress I extend my profound sympathy and support to Your Majesty, the Government and the people of Norway.”


17 thoughts on “Maldives President expresses sympathy after Norway terror attack kills 92”

  1. Its a shame and a tragedy, though terrorists exist of every denomination, our relief that it was not a Muslim terrorist for once shows exactly how jaded we've become.

    When you saw the headline, were you mentally defending the terrorist's action in the belief it was a Muslim crusader and therefore justified in that right?

    Or saddened that yet another Muslim terrorist has struck, and utterly relieved when you found out it was - for once - not one of us.

  2. This is why I support the death penalty. You kill almost a 100 people, and you get jail time. That's it.

    PS: I'm no haabee, but I still do support the death penalty.

  3. in my opinion its a damn good lesson to Norway. If you have closely monitored the LTTE situation back in Sri Lanka at the time the Norwegian peace envoy- Mr. Eric Solheim who came forward for a peace settlement only resulted in them backing the LTTE.
    Now they have got a taste of terrorism is all about. This is just a one off case. How many bombs we Maldivians too have survived the continuous bombs in Sri Lanka.

  4. Good comment by Mohamed. Sadly, President had double standards. If it was a Muslim he will rush to say its a terrorist.

  5. @mohamed.The Norwegians never backed the LTTE, myabe living in Srilanka you watchedd too many Govt, news Bulletins. SriLankan goverenment is yet another sick nationalistic govt intent on securing the Sinahala supremacy idea.

  6. The Norwegian Christian extremist has massacred his own folks. The holy fathers of Catholic Church and Parsons of Protestants churches should be ashamed of the hate massage that they preach. This man went bonkers of his extremist views.
    Why can’t we love life and understand that everyone has the right to live in peace.

  7. @hamme, I don’t think he has double slandered in this case. This case a single mans doing not a group.

  8. The man who carried this attack has accepted today that it was an act planned since two years and there are anti islamic, anti immigration, pro nazi, strong christian and white supremacy groups behind all the planing. So dont say it was a one man show. One man alone cannot plan and carry out such a terrorist attack. The bottom line to think here is that this was a terrorist atack and terrorists and extremists do exhist in christianity and the white world too. Im glad it wasnt a muslim act this time.

  9. Difference between a Muslim and Christian terrorist attack:

    1. If it was a Muslim attack majority of Muslims will support the attack and dance.
    2. If it was a Christian attack majority of Christians will condemn the attack and grieve.

    The other difference is that between Mohammad and Jesus which I can't say here because of the commenting rules.

  10. Norway must erase this animal !
    eye for eye !it is trace of nazi schizophrenia ideas/there was many student from diferent nationality !/this maniac is just like a robot/some one was behind of this massacre

  11. @ Difference

    You know not only what the majority of Muslims will do but also what the majority of Christians will do.
    You must be a real genius.

  12. @ Difference

    "The other difference is that between Mohammad and Jesus which I can’t say here because of the commenting rules."

    These are the differences invented by people like you.
    Both are prophets of God.
    And both preached God's religion.
    Of course, they were two individuals, not clones of each other. So there must be individual dffernces. But I guess what you are talking about is beyond such differences. So its good that you did not talk.


    apparently a video uploaded by the bomber

  14. @abdul rasheed....agree that the current SL government is nationalistic and sick. Let me remind you that the Norwegian envoy negotiating the peace talks were done at the regime of Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe (the current opposition). This too was opposed by then the Rajapakse regime lambasting their efforts saying the country was sold to the terrorist!!


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