Quran teacher stopped teaching my daughter after MDP Coup Report, says Police Asst Commissioner

A female Quran teacher has refused to teach the 10 year-old daughter of Police Assistant Commissioner Hassan Habeeb, following the publication of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s report into controversial transfer of power on February 7.

Speaking to Minivan News today, Assistant Commissioner Habeeb said that when his wife went to fetch their daughter from the Quran class, the teacher told her: ‘’We are not supporters of the coalition.’’

‘’My wife at first did not quite get what she said and asked her what she meant by that. The Quran teacher replied that she had stopped teaching the Quran to the children of police and Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) officers, as she had seen and read what they had done on February 7,’’ Habeeb said.

He said when he and his wife talked to their daughter about it, they learned that the Quran teacher had not been teaching her daughter since the release of the MDP’s report.

‘’We knew from our daughter that the Quran teacher has been talking politics in the class,’’ he added.

Habeeb said he was “very saddened” by the incident and appealed to every one not to put politics in the way of such services.

‘’I have information that some doctors have also being differentiating among people of different political views, and it is very concerning,’’ he said. ‘’If this continues, this citizens will be split into groups.’’

He said this was a serious issue and it must be attended to immediately.

‘’Police and MNDF officers do not have any political views and we treat everyone equally, so people should not take us politically,’’ he added.

Minivan News was unable to contact the Quran teacher.

However she told newspaper Haveeru that the matter was her own personal business, and that she had stopped teaching Quran to not just one child.

According to the MDP’s report, then-Chief Superintendent Hassan Habeeb (now Assistant Commissioner), Assistant Commissioner Hussein Waheed, Chief Superintendent Abdulla Fairoosh, Chief Superintendent Ahmed Saudhy, Chief Inspector Abdul Mannan Yousuf, Inspector Mohamed Dhaudh, Superintendent Ahmed ‘two four’ Mohamed, Superintendent Mohamed Jamsheed, Sub-Inspector Azeem Waheed and SO Inspector Shameem were among the senior police officers who  pledged alliance to the then-opposition and facilitated the police mutiny.


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  1. Racism with newer twist, from the beautiful religion of peace.

    And coming from no other than one who has known, lived, bent head over heals to fulfil the requirements to the path to heaven.

    Just fascinating. How demented, ignorant and stupid can people be???

  2. This is what happens when Police and military officers start getting political. They can't ask teachers and doctors not to be political, when they have breached their own laws and regulations by getting involved in party politics!!

    Food for thought.

  3. Nazeer do you have to write 'QURAN teacher' every time you mention the teacher? your intention is clear.

  4. If Assistant Commissioner Hassan Habeeb was a party to what toppled the elected president and his government, what he cannot see is that he was an accessory to the an injustice done to this lady who was teaching Quran to his 10 year old daughter!

    I cannot see this as racism! If the lady is of opinion Hassan Babeeb had done injustice to her by being a party to the crime she believe in, she has the right to claim justice as she wish!

    If the lady was discussing politics or teaching politics in classes, Assistant Commissioner had the right to approach her with his finding and seek justice! Or even withdraw his child from class.

    This to my belief is cheap tactics to get rid and hide guilt!

  5. it is sad, and the kid should not be punished for the activities of some of parents. But think from the angle of the nation and even religion, the teacher may be right. Because the country is under siege, and they are traitors. From the view point of a law abiding citizen, these BAAGEES as they have to be know will be tried at the court of law and punished for thier activity and bring down the nation.

  6. The cow is brainwashed with heavenly wine serving as one of a harem to a male egotist. She has no clue what he is supposedly teaching, what its meaning is, and what is stands for.

    But thats not her fault. Its the way she was 'taught' to obey and propagate. Blind, deaf, and unquestioning obedience.

    Mean while the those on the high-throne laughs their head off, reeking the fruits of their devious schemes of brainwashing the disadvantaged and unfortunates.

    This society is doomed for not seeing the glaringly obvious.

  7. Indeed Very racist teacher . I think she doesn't qualified to be a teacher at all. Children should not be punished for their parents mistakes. They are innocent and blameless and deserve everyones love.

  8. Stop teaching english to baghee, id understand, but his innocent kid? Thts just rude... We need proper qualified teachers that r mature enough!

  9. good lesson to the police and child.. the child will now realize that her parent is a bloody traitor

  10. ‘’Police and MNDF officers do not have any political views and we treat everyone equally, so people should not take us politically,’’ he added.

    what a joke, these cowards brought down our first ever democratically elect government. is he also a so called gaazeee or Ittihard police, perhaps he should explain his part in this coup.

  11. ‘’I have information that some doctors have also being differentiating among people of different political views, and it is very concerning,’’ he said. ‘’If this continues, this citizens will be split into groups.’’

    As if they aren't already.

  12. When Police and MNDF officers condemn the partial treatment they receive from public, they should reflect on their own actions too. According to CoNI con time line the police failed to obey commands for the fear of people getting hurt in violence. But no sooner they went and attacked MDP Haruge and People who were innocent. Same day they also attacked TVM and forced in to the building. If any human thinks these are just actions then the real racists are them! How can educated Maldivians have the complacency to accept such atrocities. Police and MNDF should take disciplinary actions against those involved in unlawful acts on Feb 7th and try to gain trust from public as these acts were only done by few hundred of them. If they fear of disclosing their names they can do it internally by forming a Tribunal from inside. If no actions taken against the police and MNDF officers involved in these atrocities, trust within them also will be gone and they could become an undisciplined too. For the first time we heard on news POlice and MNDF involved in a forced robbery, a similar act that they did in TVM on 7th Feb. If they feel that storming in to TVM by force is legal, then forcing in to a building occupied by expatriates and robbing them is more legal. To all the stupid people blaming coup resistant movement for damaging the social fabric, we need to first think who needs discipline. After all we pay the bread and butter of the Police and MNDF people from our tax money

  13. Habeeb, she is right,, this is not about politics, this is about our rights and freedom, since 7th feb MNDF and Police had been ruling our country ppl and society... she is right.. and everyone doctors teachers schools offices should not work for this coup govt.

    If there wasn't a coup its oke for Habeeb to be saddened by what the teacher did...

    Habeeb come on think twice of what u and your colleagues has done to all of us. work not only for you and your family but for others as well... be compassionate, show some respect

  14. These so called Police officers are down trodden guys brought in from the outer islands. When they are given a tight blue police uniform with all the paraphernalia hanging all over their bodies, these fellas get their boot size mixed up. They like to display their new found "power" and the colorful uniform to their peers from the island. And the parents are also proud the their children are wearing a blue uniform, oblivious to the fact that their children have been coerced to join a band of corrupt hooligans hell bent in making a killing out of toppling an elected government. These so called Police officers are non other than traitors who used to be charged for treason.

  15. I guess its high time we see what this fighting is leading. What our future going to be and what will be for our children. Politics will not end. But we can stop this fight together. Dont let politics destroy our country. Fueling chaos is their job and they get paid from our pockets.

  16. what is sense to teach Quran to police ? Highest Muslim leaders (Fiq) called the #mvcoup haram - rogue police anyhow doesnt act according to Quran/Islam - congrats teacher - time to act - let baagees know they are shit

  17. Assistant Commissioner Habeeb you taught your daughter a valuable lesson, that is to Take bribe and run after money.

    I dont blam the teacher, she has a valid reason to stop, the money you get as salary and the promotion was the result of bringing down our government. so she has a valid reason not to accept your money as tution payment.

    As per islam bribe money is haram, so she has a valid reason not to accept haram money

  18. See the consequences of what you did on 7th February.

    Habeeb choose the right choice instead of being a poodle of PPM, then your daughter will be proud of you.

    Shame on the police and mndf for what they did on 7th February.

  19. This stupid lady is trying to defame our religion for the sake of her " God Anni" .

  20. @mode

    You presumption that she is a lady is an insult to ladies in general.

    Hard headed ignorance and stupidity to the limits, would equate her to a dumb pig.

  21. The Quran teacher stopped teaching Quran to one of her students ?

    Do you have to have to be affiliated to a particular political spectrum for her (or any Quran teacher) to teach a person Quran ?

    How very evil of her...

  22. what the hell is wrong with our people.choosing the ignorant devil of a person over god allah.i knew this. this is what anni wanted.to divide maldivians as a muslim nation and weaken faith in our religion.please my muslim brothers and sisters dont let him win. this is what the west is doing to our religion and all of us. know that anni loves "farangees" more than us,it's just a show he's putting on to get some votes. remember november 3rd 1988.no wonder our soldiers and policemen hate him and his cronies so much.


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