Salaf attacks government’s decision to deploy MNDF soldiers as UN peacekeepers

Jamiyyathul Salaf, one of the Maldives’ largest and most active religious NGOs, has called on the government to withdraw a decision made by the cabinet to sent Maldives soldiers to UN conflict zones and take part in UN peacekeeping operations.

The Cabinet during last Tuesday’s meeting decided to finalise the participation of Maldivian soldiers in United Nations peacekeeping operations, noting that it was be” important for the Maldives to contribute to the efforts of these international agencies and institutions to ensure every country, every society and every individual had the opportunity to live in peace and security.”

However, “Taking part in the UN peacekeeping operations will force Maldivian forces to fight against Muslims which is unacceptable,” said Salaf in a statement. ”Everyone understands that the most of the wars against Muslims have been started without reasonable grounds, just because they are Muslims.”

Salaf claimed that biological weapons were used in these wars despite UN prohibitions concerning their use or manufacture.

“The history of such wars proves that non-believers have gathered and committed inhumane activities against Muslim women and children,” Salaf argued. ”The war in Iraq and Afghanistan are examples of places where such activities were practiced.”

Salaf noted that the Maldives had a very high crime rate and that civil defence was a higher priority than contributing to overseas peacekeeping operations.

”Disregarding our own society and getting involved in these matters for the sake of earing respect from powerful countries shows how much the future of this nation is being disregarded,” Salaf said. ”It will invite dangerous attacks on the country, from outside and within.”

Jamiyyathul Salaf furthermore claimed that any Muslim who assisted non-Muslims in a war against Muslims would themselves be branded infidels.

”Muslims will be obliged to treat him as a non-Muslim in all ways, such as if dead, burying without enshrouding the body, burying the body with other non-believer, and when dealing with inheritance matters the terms and condition that applies to a non-believer who dies in a war against Muslims will be applied to him,” the NGO said.

Referring to the incident where Prophet Mohamed’s (PBUH) uncle Abbas Bin Abdul Muthalib secretly embraced Islam and was forced to fight against Muslims in a battle where he lost his life, Salaf said the Prophet applied the same procedure as to what would be applied to non-believer if he died in a battle against Muslims.

During last week’s meeting, Cabinet agreed that participating in UN peacekeeping operations would enhance the country’s security capability through an improved understanding of the international security environment and integration with the international security architecture, according to the President’s Office.

”The Maldives’ participation in peacekeeping operations would also consolidate the country’s credibility on the international stage,” the President’s Office said.

UN peacekeepers include 98,863 uniformed personnel from 114 countries. The organisation’s limited terms of engagement led to widespread criticism of its inaction during the 1994 Rwandan genocide, in which 800,000 people died.

Since then UN peacekeepers have been more proactive in troubled countries, such as its current siege and helicopter strikes on the palace belonging to Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo, who refused to step down and launched a campaign of ethnic cleansing after losing the country’s 2010 Presidential Election.

Correction: An earlier version of this story translated the Dhivehi term used in Jamiyyathul Salaf’s statement, ‘Kaafarun’, as ‘Christians’. A more accurate translation is ‘non-believers’.


39 thoughts on “Salaf attacks government’s decision to deploy MNDF soldiers as UN peacekeepers”

  1. WE ARE NOT GOING TO WAR.. THOSE PEOPLE ARE PEACE KEEPERS, Can't you understand English enough ??
    Now this looks like statement from terrorist group, call upon government to take action against this racist people,

  2. "any Muslim who assisted non-Muslims in a war against Muslims would themselves be branded infidels"

    Oh yeah? In that case, I'm afraid that the Salaf will just have to hand in their religion certificate.

    Nobody has done more damage to the image of Islam, or given more material to a few ignorant mobs of Islam-haters in the West than the Salafis.


  3. i agree with salaf not to send our soldiers as killing machines, anywhere in the world. But my reasons may be very different than Salaf.

    what is fighting for peacekeeping anyway..?

    Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.. George carlin

  4. Tell "Salaf" members not to join MNDF. Problem solved. We want to see our soldiers to take part in UN peacekeeping.

  5. "Christians fight and create war with Muslims JUST because they are Muslims"?!

    Are these people insane?! The kind of rhetoric that Jamiyathul Salaf uses is not even borderline inflamatory, instead it is a constant language of hate and discrimination.

    Western countries have come into conflict with Muslim nations mostly due to concerns around oil security, though they may claim democracy. But even this view is highly biased and prejudice, but at at least is credible. That western nations are controlled by Christian Missionaries and an ideology that we haven't seen since the crusades is absolutely ludicrous.

    These idiots are working so hard to live in the sixth century - banning vaccines, deodorant, all modern notions of courtesy - that they've forgotten that we are actually in the 21st century. That the days of crusades and religiously motivated wars are forgotten except from a few fanatics.

    And of course as other people have mentioned, this is about PEACEKEEPING. The MNDF is one of the most highly professional bodies in this country. The soldiers we have are more than capable of handling international missions and its time we gave them real experience taking care of populations in need. Being in the Military is about more than just protecting our borders and our people, its about serving those who are in need. Yes, military action is often used for the wrong reasons, but UN Peacekeeping is all about helping people who need it. Peace Keepers are there at the request of the countries in which they operate.

    How dare Salaf suggests that our heroes' children will lose their inheritance if they go on peacekeeping missions. This is not Salaf's place, and people will not stand by while fanatics like those in Jamiyathul Salaf threaten the citizens of this country. These people are HATE preachers. And we should not stand by and let them continue in this fashion.Unacceptable!

  6. I am not a supporter of Salaf, but i think what they are talking now is true. We are not in a position to send troops abroad when we need them her first, to maintain security in here. We need them in maldives for now to keep peace in here. This is a stupid thing which Anni has decided to do just to get more good words from rich countries. Why do others have to clean up the poody which these rich and powerful countries do. We are not in a position to maintain peace in a place ruined by those rich, powerful anti muslim nations, not even for the sake of UN (who is always powerless in protecting muslims from atrocities of christians).

  7. Salaf is nothing but a so called NGO run by money hungry group of beards. They need money to find extra bedroom for their second, third and fourth wives. So sue MDF if you don't accept it but they are participating much need peace keeping events. GO GO GO MDF.

  8. What? It's not like the countries which sent their troops don't have any internal problems of their own! All countries have internal problems, and they still are participating in these activities. JS is a terrorist organization, and I call upon the government to start investigating them, specially their funding.

  9. Salaf didn't say anything abt so called Christians.u r Maldivians. So u can read salaf's statement. read it and see how minivan change it.

  10. ”The war in Iraq and Afghanistan are examples of places where such activities were practiced.”

    Oh yeah? I guess Salaf never heard about Saddam's atrocities against his own people. What about the gassing of the Iraqi Kurds and so many other atrocities? Who committed them?

    You got to be joking about Afghanistan! The country was like a time warp going further and further backwards in time. It was a haven for all kinds of terrorists. The whole world is glad to see the back of the Taliban and the dismantling of the terror camps.

    The people of this group Salaf must have a sick and twisted mind to ignore reality.

  11. I suggest we pack the Salaf group and send them off to Afghansitan. They belong in the caves of that God forsaken country and not in Maldives.

    And hopefully a Predator drone will spot them and solve the matter for us once and for all.

  12. Salaf (run by ex-Guantanamo Bay detainee Fauzy) is not a religious NGO. It is a political front for a suspicious and shady characters like Fauzy who have been bran-washed in Pakistan in radical Islamic ideology.

    These Taliban puppets are funded by their foreign masters and act as cells in this country to spread their hatred of modern civilization.

    These people are a threat to the security of this country as well as our social harmony.

  13. Salaf will lose its credibility if it promotes these ideologies of hate,paranoia and isolation among the people. Though its true we need "peacekeepers" on our soil to help with the current situation in our country, Working with UN would bring the Maldives to the world stage. Still I must express my concern over what ive been reading about whats been going on in my beloved country.

  14. Troops would earn a lot more, put their training to test and be better prepared to deal with an emergency at home.

    Also many commenters "who don't normally support' Salafis are outraged because they think troops are needed at home. These people need to understand MNDF is not the domestic police force. They don't investigate crimes.

  15. Why can't these Salafists just go to Afganistan and never come back?

    Insha Allah.

  16. What ludicrous idiocy from JS! Becoming a "Blue Helmet" is something to be proud of - they work in countries that need them the most, including Muslim nations, along with our more rational-thinking Muslim brothers and sisters, to protect the people and maintain peace. In the first place, it's plain ignorance for JS to condemn the move of the cabinet. Maldives being a UN member, we should abide by the UN Charter which stipulates that to assist in maintaining peace and security around the world, all member states of the UN should make available to the Security Council necessary armed forces and facilities.
    Secondly, it will do our MNDF personnel a world of good to be exposed to important tasks of such epic proportions as undertaken by the UN, rather than go soft and flaccid chasing goat-rapers or pepper-spray these crazy old politicos - namely filling in for the failed police.
    Salaf, isn't it time you actually came out of your turbans and really looked at the situation around you. Just because it is an international organisation, it does not automatically make them devils of the highest order. It is not the UN who are committing crimes but you with the hatred that fills your heart towards "infidels, Christians, Jews, dogs" and what not! So redeem yourselves first and spread the peace!

  17. Who cares what Salaf says, that's irrelevant the babbling continuously they are making.

  18. If only we could pack off the whole group of Salaf to Guantanamo Bay, ofcourse along with ex Gitmo-detainee Fauzy and his bunch of Islamic Foundation fanatics.
    That way they will actually have good cause to continue with their victim mentality and ofcourse keep their busybodies out of Maldives.
    Seriously i wonder what religion these guys are practicing.

  19. I too dont agree in sending Maldivian troops on UN peacekeeping missions, but why cant this stupid salaf issue a fatwa on the Saudi regime for their continuous conspiracy and assistance for US to fight Muslims around the world? In 2003 Iraq was invaded with the backing of Saudi monarchy and since then 1.5 million Iraqi Muslims have been slaughtered. Saudi troops under the command of US took part in the Gulf War of 1991 to fight a Muslim country. Today, the Saudi army has joined forces with Israel in sharing intelligence and in many other ways. Oh you stupid, greedy Salaf! Why are you so hesitant to brand the Saudi apostate monarchy as infidels? Is it because you operate on the money funded by the dictatorial Saudi regime? Shame on you Salaf.

  20. Salaf mafia again tries to meddle with government decisions and scaremonger Maldivians. Its good for Salaf if more MNDF buddies get killed as they consider them deviationists trying to imitate infidels because they shave their beards, wear tight fit clothing, salute army superiors, revere the national flag and also recite national anthem. Salaf hates MNDF personnel for all these reasons and wants them killed. I call Salaf idiots to stop barking as no one will listen to you.

  21. "Jamiyyathul Salaf furthermore claimed that any Muslim who assisted non-Muslims in a war against Muslims would themselves be branded infidels."

    Oh really! I didnt know it was Salaf who decides who is an infidel and who is not. And here i was thinking religion is something personal between yourself and god

  22. Get your facts right. Abbas bin abdul muttalib did not lose his life in a battle. And he was not a Muslim when he was forced into battle.

  23. Bloody cowards these “Jamiyyathul Salaf" people. Instead of giving statement to media in person, they simply published this "stupid" statement on their web-site.
    Who are these people? Can anybody tell me names of JUS office bearers? It seems their brains are in their beards that needs to be trimmed.

  24. @Z-nut
    Stupid like you read those statements. Nobody cares, why are you so touchy about beards, Do you want one?

  25. interesting comment........ so it's alright for other countries to go and protect Muslims along with the inheirrant risks?????? why can't Muslims CONTROL Muslims instead of having to kill them????? ......narrow perspective...........j

  26. soldier during training time looking very brave but face of war it is sh..t on uniforms and internal organs that dropping from open wunds/
    so public opinion about sending MNDF guys to UN mission will be definitely change when some lead or zink coffins return back in Male with different body parts of brave heroes inside/
    war or UN mission it is not advertisement it is death and politic/politicians will send soldiers for death and all benefits will be work on increasing politicians status but soldier who die will be forgotten because for politics it is only guns beef and nothing else/Un it is organisation that work like a girls for sale under American military strategy to conform acts of war under name of peace making operation
    so do you like than maldivians soldier return from Libia or similar hot point in coffin?
    i think in Maldives is enough problems that needed immediatelly actions such as criminals and drugs mafia elimination and resorts and ship protection against piracy/
    do not be a fool and think at first about Maldives stability and security and must do not play those dirty politicians game as peace making operation in countries that absolutely have not any deal with Maldives/Other way Maldives will gain enemy from all around the world/

  27. most Salaf activists are ex-musicians, homosexuals, child molesters, misogynists, rapists, thieves and thugs.

  28. salaf leader Fauzy must understand that we are living in the 21st century.

  29. Well said Salaf, these bulls are trying to fool muslims, killing our muslim brothers,we are proud of your voice on this bullshit government makes, Parliament member are corrupted, we rember how president nasheed beg the US governmt to giv him a chance to address on American congress...what a shame...Now Get Roast but we will explode the truth of islam, it cant be hide..


  31. Salaf said. ”It will invite dangerous attacks on the country, from outside and within."
    I wonder if Salaf movement is really prepared for this attack....

  32. Anni is desperate for a Nobel Peace Prize. Even in the US it is the relatively poor and powerless who are sent to Iraq, Afganistan...etc for the so called peace keeping. No sons of the influential and the powerful are sent to these places. A few Maldivian lives spent would'nt hurt much for the prestigious award. Would it?

  33. i think the fauzy is from islamic foundation not from salaf?

  34. Isn't the meaning of "Islam", peace? Aren't they deciding to send our soldiers to keep peace? Then I don't understand JS's point!
    But,I do have questions. like, Are our soldiers well trained psychologically? Are their families well prepared and informed, of the circumstances and/or rewards?
    Has analysis been done on the negative psychological impacts soldiers experience upon return from these real assignments? To what extent could this effect on the Maldivian family members and our remote community in general.
    Are there plans or facilities to receive, support and sustain these soldiers welfare,... and all that. I do need to understand more to give an outright comment, my instinct says do whatever you can in your power to attain world peace.

  35. Salaf itself is an infidel organization, guess how many Muslims got slaughtered in Afghanistan. That is because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time? Who gives the order to kill Muslim, the "western infidels" or OBL.

  36. Anni is desperate for $$$...need some extra stash of cash to start another project in order to steal the heart and minds of those few narrow minded citizens to win the next oath if he would ever become the reigning president of this small nation for the next term.

    Following the MoA signed with Israel on incorporating the good teachings of them in our school curriculum, this is just another stunt brandishing support to the new world leaders and establish a continuous supply of funds into this country...PEACE KEEPING MY A***!

  37. dear salaf don't cross you limit. in 1988 3rd of November . who came and safe your country. we need other nations help. what is the problem of sending?


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