Salaf organising ‘Creed’ workshop to strengthen Maldivians’ faith

Religious NGO Jamiyyathul Salaf has announced it will hold a two-day workshop called ‘Creed’ to strengthen the faith of Maldivians and to brief the participants about the ‘true methodology of religion’.

Salaf said that President of the NGO Sheikh Abdulla Bin Mohamed Ibrahim, Sheikh Ali Zahir Bin Saeed Gasim, Sheikh Adam Shameem Bin Ibrahim, Sheikh Hassan Moosa Fikry and Sheikh Ahmed Sameer Ibrahim will brief the participants of the workshop.

Spokesperson of Salaf Ibrahim Mohamed said that the participants will be instructed on five main topics.

‘’Creed, rights of Allah, comparative religion, how to act on controversial issues and the Sunnah of prophet,’’ said Ibrahim. “We will brief the students at a basic level.’’

The NGO said that the workshop was aimed at people of all ages, male and female.

The workshop is due to be held on 26th of November, certificates will be awarded to those who take part in the workshop, said Salaf.

Recently Salaf organised a religious camp named ‘Hijra’.

“The camp was very very successful, there were nearly 70 participants,” said Ibrahim.


37 thoughts on “Salaf organising ‘Creed’ workshop to strengthen Maldivians’ faith”

  1. May Allah Sw strengthen your hearts and work on the true path! and may you not be shaken by the munafiqs and secularist who is trying to derail and strip off Maldives from Islam and its long history of culture!!

  2. Workshop on "how to be an extremist" First Topic HATE! HATE HATE AND MORE HATE. Then "How to abuse your women and children"....

  3. musafir,

    I hardly think it is the secularists who are stripping the Maldives of its historical culture and identity.

    If you think we've been goat-rearing, hijab wearing arabs (or salwar wearing Pashtuns) for 3 millenia, I've got some news for you brother.

  4. Hey, secularists, non-secularists, goat herders, hijab wearing Arabs, don't forget one simple thing: we're all human, and we've got these tiny little islands in the middle of the Ocean which we call our home.

    We've got to live in harmony, otherwise, we'll destroy ourselves.

  5. I've got some advice for Bin Mohammed, Bin Saeed, and Bin Ibrahim. You cannot make the Maldives into another Saudi Arabia. For one thing, we haven't got any mineral wealth - Allah didn't help us there.

    Secondly, we cannot ask the billions of Muslims to visit us once in their life time, thereby guaranteeing some tourism income.

    We've got to be realistic. Saudi Arabia has modeled Islam in its own context and in its own interests.

  6. @yaamyn

    "I hardly think it is the secularists who are stripping the Maldives of its historical culture and identity"

    Typical secularist strategy of islam-haters! "Constantly remind them of their ROOTS to paganism"

    Good way to forget Islam!

    You are trying too hard!

  7. @Ali

    "Can’t we ‘bin’ them all – ie put in litter bin"

    We CAN!

    But I think the atheist 'baigandu' would be just about the right size to fill a bin.

    So there you go, into the trash bin.

    *wipes hands*

  8. We shall see who get "bin" in the hereafter! oh..u dont believe in hereafter dho! u guys get incarinated into a money or ant or bug in next life or get recycled! Interesting indeed!! Where you like or not Maldives will always be an Islamic State and Secularist/athesits will always be a minority in "hidding"! lets watch the game been played!

  9. Allah loves Arabic and Arabic culture. He sent all the prophets starting from Ibrahim to Muhammad to Arab nation. After the Arab nation Allah loves Maldives. He loves Maldives for not writing Allah in Thana script and Allah loves Maldivians now adopting Arabic style names like bin Ahmad etc. So Allah loves Salaf office bearers in Maldives for their show of love of everything Arabic.

  10. heck,

    I was responding to an insinuation that secularists are somehow responsible for changing our identity, when clearly it is the wannabe-Arabs who're destroying it.

    If you think we've been pagan since 1153 AD, then perhaps you could get your Mullahs to issue a fatwa stating that Islam only arrived in the Maldives in... 2003 with their pseudo-arab selves?

    Holy pagans!

  11. what is the problem with you guys, why are all of you free thinkers so intollerent? Islam is a way of life for millions of people. they love their religion. the joke is on you guys

  12. maldivians were not salwar wearing pakis at any time. whats unislamic about the clothes our forefathers tell me salaf.

  13. The belief in religions will destroy all.

    If ever there is a god, he would want us to live in peace and healthy.
    For all the convoluted text in Quran, it is trying to show how to live in harmony.
    For all the prayers, it is trying to built regular social gathering and exercise regularly for health.

    No, God would not give a damn what some specks of his creation does. Face it, in a vast universe, in a ongoing timeline, we are just specks that would be wiped out without a second thought.

    Why the fxxk are you guys hell bent with religion? As if you would do better here or anywhere else. No, axxholes, it is not God who is destroying humanity. We are. By being fxxking stupid, too greedy and hellbent with religion. It makes me really sad, that for all the guidance given (either by God or our ancestors), you guys are bickering about petty stuff, and not at all looking at the bigger picture of human survival and prosperity.

    Live life on earth. Enjoy harmony. Society. Prosper community. Help others.

  14. @munafiq (top comment).
    you say secularists (whoever they are), are destroying our culture.
    Do you see the names of the sheikhs in this article. the people who organize these seminars? are they maldivian names? they are all arab names. infact there is one very old generation in Maldives with real maldivian names.. everyone else has adopted arab names, with the illusion that it has something to do with islam.

    Another question to this Salaf: why use English in your commercials/banners etc. why don't you use arab? english is perhaps not the language god would prefer you to do da'awa.

  15. Biggest threat to our nation is extremism - if only the President can put a few solar panels on his roof and solve this problem.

    God had to send prophets to the Arabs not because he likes them because the Arabs were the most misbehaving and evil bunch of people - who need constant reminding of how to be a decent human society.

    God didn't send them to the Maldives or South America or Europe or South-East Asia because we were always kinda OK.

    But the Arabs needed the whole A-Team of Prophets - the best that God can summon because they have to be continuously reminded of how to be decent human beings. They think they are so special - but thats kind of like thinking you're special for having the police and the psychiatrists turn up at your house to check up on you everyday!!!

    Can't wait for all the oil to run out and these people to disappear!

  16. @ga on Mon, 22nd Nov 2010 11:30 AM

    "islam is a way of life for millions, the joke is on you",

    Well what about the other billions?

    Its not about way of life. In fact, it cannot be JUST a way of life for millions, and if Islamists have their way, it IS the way of life for all, regardless they believe it or not.

    The issue is about you trying to shove it down everybody else's throats, the problem.

  17. Peace! .... that is our greetings..! Salaam! ... May Peace, Mercy and Blessing of Allah be upon all of us (AsalamAlikum Wa Rahmathulla Wa Barakath)

    May Allah guide us closer to Truth. Alhamdhulillahi (Praise be to Allah)

  18. See these secularist, Gays, Drunks and pagens going crazy...remember this is our consitution Islam is the only get out! go to ur freedom land..or Dream land of perverts!! Remember u will always be making mischief in hidding...never can come open to the society! COWARDS!!!

  19. Well, what are they teaching?

    Religion? We know how it is practiced on holy lands.

    1) come weekend, the whole business community drives to nearby Bahrain. Alcholic drinks flows endlessly.
    2) come week days, the jubba's report to work, if they feel like it. Over 99% of them would not even lift their hand, while the imported laborers, professionals gut it out.
    3) in between they will practice at their will, treating other humans (not of their race) worse than dogs.

    So, exactly what are we teaching to our vulnerables?

  20. @ Ahmed,

    Totally agree with U. We should send JUS guys along with Zakir Nail and Bilal Philips to UAE (particularly Dubai) and let them see for themselves what type of life these Arabs live. Have Zakir Naik and Bilal Philips given any lecture in any Arab World?, Pakistan? Afghanistan?, Chechen?

  21. What a narrow thinking Ahmed and Mariyam...If some of the Maldivians are killing each other, does it mean you and me are both killers? Hell NO...So a minority cannot represent the majority.

    Even if you want to believe or not, crime rate is way low in the islamic shariah practiced (the way it should be and not like in Maldives) countries compared to the western countries. Google will give you the statistics...

  22. @Ahmed Kasim on Tue, 23rd Nov 2010 11:18 PM

    I like to live narrow minded. You can be the all knowing and broad minded.

    I call the way I see. Not some fantasized vision.

    Ofcourse Islamic Shariah would have a low crime rate. Nobody can do anything, no one can even think freely about anything, no inventions, innovations. If we had the Islamic Shariah across the globe, we would still be in dark ages, with mean dying age of 43.5y and we would be riding Camels, donkeys.

  23. I don't know who brainwashes you, Ahmed Kasim.

    According to the Global Peace Index 2010, New Zealand is topping the list of most peaceful countries, ahead of Iceland, Japan, Austria and Norway.

    In none of these countries (and go down the list!), Sharia is practiced.

    Guess which are the least peaceful countries?

    Iran is on rank 104!
    Pakistan is on 145!
    Nigeria is on 137!
    Sudan is on 146!
    Azerbaijan is on 119!
    Saudi Arabia is on 107!

  24. Marina, the countries you have mentioned above are the least peaceful not because they implement Shari`ah but because they have extremists who do not abide by the rules of Islam.

    The Glorious Qur’an contains the most important rules of international law concerning peace, war and treaties. For instance, it contains the rule of reciprocity in addition to the rules governing the POWs and the necessity of declaring the annulment of a treaty even if it is unjustified. In this respect, a Muslim jurist says, "Honoring commitments without deception is better than reciprocal deception".

    In the Glorious Qur'an, there is a call for peace and for reconciling disputing parties as well as deterring aggressors. Moreover, there is a call for equality and resorting to reason, evidence and amicable debate in order to arrive at what is right. The Qur'an also states that men and women are equal concerning competence and preserves a woman’s right to freedom of expression in addition to preserving her individual liberty so that it does not dissolve to her husband's custody as it is the case in most Western laws which we unfortunately try to imitate.

    The Qur'an also contains general rules of civil transactions, the codes of civil and criminal evidence, the rules governing marriage and divorce. It also settles the matters related to the rights of the spouses both during marital life and in case of divorce, in addition to stating the rights of offspring, parents and relatives.

    The Glorious Qur'an also gives definitive penalties for crimes threatening the state security, while there are other crimes in which those in charge have discretion to set down penalties, these are actually open to ijtihad (personal judgment) and are liable to amendment and alteration according to the advancement of time.

    That is what is meant by the famous saying that Shari`ah is suitable for all times and places. That is because its flexibility makes it vivid.

  25. @Marina

    "According to the Global Peace Index 2010, New Zealand is topping the list of most peaceful countries, ahead of Iceland, Japan, Austria and Norway.” do one more research..
    If peace means living a happy life, WHY do all above countries have HIGHER suicide rates than the Islamic countries you have put on the bottom of ‘PEACEFUL COUNTRIES’ list?

    What does peace mean, if they don’t have PEACE of mind and soul?

    Huh! So called peaceful countries!

    Happy people don’t kill themselves, got it?

    That means it’s not real happiness…something is always on the brink!

  26. @heck

    U mean to say that people in Pakistan, Nigeria, Afghanistan etc are more at peace then people in NewZealand and Japan? Is that what U mean heck? My God,
    I never realized that people could be so foolish.

  27. @Rasheeda
    I did not say so.

    I was asking why would a country topping the list of Most Peaceful Country on Earth, also get top place on the list of Country with Highest Suicide Rate?

    I am not being foolish. Marina is being too narrow-minded in determining what is real happiness and peace.

    Prove me wrong before you call me a fool!

  28. Dear heck,
    The probability of committing suicide was not evaluated in the CPI. But the potential of terrorist act, the number of homicides, likelihood of violent demonstrations (and 21 more criteria) were evaluated. And all these make your favourite countries go straight to the end of the list, and secular countries go to the top.

    If the level of suicide is high - what does it mean? That we need Sharia? I do not think so.
    Recently one Maldivian committed suicide because of religious pressure - this is what I find irritating.

    @ truth - your comment sounds reasonable, and I do not want to blame Sharia per se for the poor ranking of countries implementing it, but the point is: No matter how great Sharia was designed, it just doesn't work out with humankind!!

    Do you want to live in any of the low-ranking countries? I wouldn't!

  29. @ heck,

    Killing oneself is an extreme step and could be for various reasons - mostly depression which again could be for varied reasons.

    Different people have different level of endurance. The modern life, in any country, is not easy.

    But please dont equate happiness with religion. All religions are flawed because we humans are flawed. Following religion today is most difficult thing.

  30. I found it worth checking the list of highest suicidal countries and found only wikipedia with a list of 106 countries. Most of the Sharia countries are not evaluated (Pakistan, Nigeria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia) - there is only Iran and Azerbaijan.

    Wonder why countries famous for terrorists who commit suicide in the name of religion are not evaluated here??? No track of them? Simply too many faithheads blowing themselves up?

    Or my internet research is just bad and it turns out that people in the missing countries of that list are actually HAPPY PEOPLE because they commit suicide less often than the top rankings 😉

    I'd rather prefer living in a country with high suicidal rates than crime rates; as Rasheeda said, modern life is not easy and it comes with a backpack of problems, but living where the social system supports the young and old, where health care is free, where the old don't have to work and still get paid is probably worth giving up Sharia.

  31. @Marina, @ Rasheeda.

    I agree with you. Totally.

    But, I would caution you though, in a nation of mostly brainwashed-ignorants, with a lot of beardees molding their thinking, it can be dangerous, even life threatening when you corner the beardees. Look at what happened to Nazim.

    When one thinks logically, only a few odd ideas of islamic thinking would really work in the practical world. So, beardees would not even want to listen to logic when one points out their way of thinking is flawed. I guess they feel that they would be out of job, they have been deceived for so long, their intelligence is questioned, etc... all traits to trigger up anger and lash at you.
    And then they say, the failed countries have not followed islam.

    But, what good is a road, if there is no one on it? What good is religion if nobody in their right minds are following it? Is there a sharia-country which even compares to western states. culturally, economically, medically (by the way even the Saudi King went to USA for treatment), development wise? None. None at all!

    Sadly for us, Abul barakat, landed in maldives some years ago, when we were a really dark, ignorant, closed state. And here we are, still unable to wash off this stupid religion.

  32. @ Ahmed

    There is nothing wrong with our country or religion. Maldives is a great country and so is Islam. I think we are the most friendly people.

    I feel sad and bad when instead of concentrating on education and sports, young men talk about "senseless" things without realizing its consequences.

  33. @Ahmed

    " a nation of mostly brainwashed-ignorants, with a lot of beardees"


    Only brainwashed (wo)men are afraid of their natural adornment - beard.

    So, shaving your beard like a MANIAC is a more apt action of being brainwashed.

    I bet if you don't like to keep your beard you don't even deserve to keep a wig up there either - shave it off!

    "And then they say, the failed countries have not followed islam."

    My dear Ahmed! The earth and all the planets follow Islam. They all have an appointed time. It is not permissible for the Creation of Allah to disobey His command.

    But Allah has given Man the ability to OBEY or DISOBEY! The path is clear for anyone who wants to follow it and go to eternal bliss. Then, there is the TEMPTATION to follow the Satan - the sworn enemy of Man.

    It's your choice. Don't whine about it.

    If you think Western nations are on their way to eternal bliss, then it's your choice. Go and follow them!

    But you have to remember:

    Surah Al-Baqarah (2:212)

    "The life of this world is ALLURING to those who REJECT faith, and they SCOFF at those who believe. But the righteous will be above them on the Day of Resurrection; for God bestows His abundance without measure on whom He will."

  34. @Marina

    "Wonder why countries famous for terrorists who commit suicide in the name of religion are not evaluated here???"

    Don't talk non-sense, Marina!

    Suicide is WRONG whatever the reasons.

    I wish you would go and conduct an interview with people who are on the verge of suicide in both types of cases you are whining about;

    I am sure there is a difference in their mentalities.

    One type of suicide committee is HAPPY even as he dies.

    The other type of suicide committee to which you are being sympathetic (suicide in the so-called PEACEFUL/HAPPY countries and people who kill themselves because they have no courage to face the world), is NOT-HAPPY at all!

    One person thinks he will be alive even after the KABOOM!

    The other person thinks he was DOOMED even before and after KABOOM!

    So stop wondering!

    I think that's why you cannot tally the two types of suicides in the same category.


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