Salaf organising ‘Creed’ workshop to strengthen Maldivians’ faith

Religious NGO Jamiyyathul Salaf has announced it will hold a two-day workshop called ‘Creed’ to strengthen the faith of Maldivians and to brief the participants about the ‘true methodology of religion’.

Salaf said that President of the NGO Sheikh Abdulla Bin Mohamed Ibrahim, Sheikh Ali Zahir Bin Saeed Gasim, Sheikh Adam Shameem Bin Ibrahim, Sheikh Hassan Moosa Fikry and Sheikh Ahmed Sameer Ibrahim will brief the participants of the workshop.

Spokesperson of Salaf Ibrahim Mohamed said that the participants will be instructed on five main topics.

‘’Creed, rights of Allah, comparative religion, how to act on controversial issues and the Sunnah of prophet,’’ said Ibrahim. “We will brief the students at a basic level.’’

The NGO said that the workshop was aimed at people of all ages, male and female.

The workshop is due to be held on 26th of November, certificates will be awarded to those who take part in the workshop, said Salaf.

Recently Salaf organised a religious camp named ‘Hijra’.

“The camp was very very successful, there were nearly 70 participants,” said Ibrahim.