Samah confesses to murdering policeman after drinking cologne

Mohamed Samah of Kaashidhoo today confessed in the Criminal Court to attacking Lance Corporal Adam Haleem, stating that he was under the influence of alcohol after drinking cologne.

According to local media, Samah told the court that he attacked Haleem with the intention of frightening him but not to kill him, he told the court that he wanted to repent and apologise to Haleem’s family.

Local newspaper Sun quoted Chief Judge of the Criminal Court Abdulla Mohamed as saying that the court will summon the inheritors of Lance Corporal Adam Haleem to the court to see if they have any objections to passing a death sentence against Samah if he was found guilty of killing the police officer.

Local media reported Samah as admitting today that he had sniffed Dunlop glue and drunk cologne to get high.

On July 23 Lance Corporal Adam Haleem was stabbed to death on Kaashidhoo island in Kaafu Atoll.

In a statement issued earlier, police said the suspect in the case had confessed to attacking Haleem with a knife, and had told the police how the incident occurred.

The statement said that Haleem was attacked that night while he was on his way to the Kaashidhoo Police Station to report to duty.

While he was on the way to the police station he saw Mohamed Samah on the road, who was supposed to be under house arrest. Haleem followed Samah to his house and asked him to get himself ready to come with him to the police station.

Samah refused to go to the police station and became angry. He entered his house and took an eight inch knife from the kitchen, which he used to stab Haleem in the left side of his chest, according to the statement.

Before Haleem was attacked, he called the police station and informed officers on duty about Samah, and asked them to attend the scene. However by the time the other police officers attended the area Samah had stabbed Haleem and his body was lying on the ground.


7 thoughts on “Samah confesses to murdering policeman after drinking cologne”

  1. Now it make sense, DO not say he killed him because he was high on THC ! I was so sure he must be on something else. THC does not make you behave like animals. It had been a medicine for more over 5000 years. BUT if you are high on cologne (which has more than 80 % alcohol) and sniff glue and then smoke cannabis on top of it, You really have cannot manipulate your actions! And why would all these people be blaming MDP for this ?

  2. Why don't you ban all glues, petroleum products such as diesel used by boats, household chemicals while you are at it. How about a childish society facing up to reality and taking responsibly, like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh does. Time to wake up Maldives.

  3. i dont believe cologne made him do that.. eerr pretty sure its either that disco drug muamoon or PPM.. m betting my smelly office socks on this one.


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