School children lured to guest houses and sexually abused, warn police

School children are being lured to guest houses by adults and sexually abused, police have claimed.

Head of the police Family and Child Protection Unit (FCPU), Chief Inspector Ahmed Shujau, told the press that school children between the ages of 14 to 18 were being sexually abused after being lured to guest houses during school hours.

Shujau said that police had learned that the minors were usually befriended or seduced through the internet.

While school children were found to visit guest houses with children of the same age, he continued, there had been incidents where children were being taken by adults.

According to Shujau, 27 such cases were recently reported to the FCPU, 16 of which involved child sexual abuse while 11 cases were forced sexual assaults on women.

Shujau told revealed that the perpetrators included adult males and females as well.

The Chief Inspector advised parents to nurture closer relationship with their children and to always be aware of their child’s whereabouts.

The age of consent in the Maldives is 18 years and above. Unless proven otherwise, sexual relations with a minor is considered non-consensual under existing Maldivian laws.


34 thoughts on “School children lured to guest houses and sexually abused, warn police”

  1. "The age of consent in the Maldives is 18 years and above"

    That's not true, the age of consent is marriage, whatever age that might be. The Islamic sharia clause in the constitution ensures ambiguity in the legal age of marriage.

    This clause states that no laws or regulations shall be in violation of the religion Islam. Since Sharia rejects banking interests, alcohol/ pork sales, the criminal justice system, dress codes; it actually means nearly all our laws contravene the constitution.

    This is the inconvenient truth, which we are in denial of.

  2. i agree with peasant.. though the youth are sexually active, the islamic sharia states the consent is marriage which requires the person to be 18 and above... thus the statement misleading..

  3. Since a sexually abused child can't find 4 male witnesses no one can prove in a court an offense was committed.

  4. @peasant
    I am amazed there are still people who think that Sharia law, in all its primitive forms, with its primal punishments, ancient interpretations and sexual discrimination still has a place in a modern society. Just like within Christianity, most of it's so-called adherents obey only the rules that cause the least inconvenience to their lifestyle. Maybe it's time to drop the hypocrisy and ditch the religion?

  5. @alien
    If your law demands the production of four MALE witnesses for crimes of this nature, my statement above is worthy of yet more serious consideration.

  6. @Kevin

    Hypocrisy and religion cannot be dropped easily. It is the life blood of most ignorants, who loves nothing but the promised wines, concubines and virgins.

    To say the least, Arabian pigs have hit a gold mine with their voodoo on religion. Intimidation of anyone who dates to use his intelligence, is the their food.

    The idiotic mindless zombies dont even realize the
    a) God would not use arab to spread religion. Based on use of language, if any, it would be English. Most would understand and comprehend it. And with all the might of God, why would he use a language, when he can achieve anything he wants with a back sweep of his hand?
    b) The middle eastern lazy walruses dont even lift there finger to do anything. No wonder some sort of exercise is mandated by the prayers.
    c) The Saudi's are running a endless stream of tourists (hajj). Many pays more than they can afford, only to be treated like street dogs by Saudi's.

    I am amazed, as you say, at the blatant disregard to human kind as they continue to exploit the individuality and minds of people. For what? other than their own glory and enrichment.

  7. Agree with alien. The courts will rule there is no evidence to jail the predators and will flog the victims instead. Nice system we have here. Not surprising, with judges themselves having criminal records

  8. @Ahmed on Sun, 24th Apr 2011 9:07 PM
    who said the Arabs are the perfect example of muslims?

  9. are we focusing on the issue? This is the situation of all our individual minds.

  10. @Kevin Armes

    You are most welcome to your society, You may never know you might end up marrying your own daughter, Prostitution is common in your society thats the respect that you give to ur women. There are thousands of orphanage centres in your society bcaz of people like you. You guyz don't give damn abt the sperm that you drop to every hole as long as you don't have to take the responsibility.

    Crime is its highest level, you are never safe even at your own home.

    By the time you set your foot outside your home you never know you would be back alive.

    You people treat women like a commodity to trade.

    In your society women will do anything for money, even it means to strip in front of their own family.

    Thats the modern society that you are talking abt. Sorry Dude I prefer Sharia and Law.

  11. @Ahmed

    Dont say things that you don't have any knowledge to show ur stupidity.

    Your filthy mind is covered with thick black smoke coming from west.

  12. @Kevin Armes

    I'm all for it, but problem is that it's really hard to present a logical sensible argument to a bigot.

    "He who will not reason, is a bigot; he who cannot is a fool; and he who dares not is a slave"
    William Drummond

    I suppose I'm a fool.

  13. the reporter missed the children who are being lured to resorts by french breadcrumbs.. why protect the hardcore millionaires as shiyam etc etc and bla bla..

  14. The artilce raises the issue of luring school children and sexually abusing them. The article does not delve into the causes of this issue. Most comments seem to indicate that those who commit these crimes are religiously motivated, more specifically, Islamically motivated. Even though these commnetators may have their own reasons or justifications for their virulent hatred of Islam, they yet need to show how these acts are religiously motivated. These days any sexually crime in the country( for example, bestiality in Makunudhoo, rape of a senior citizen in Hithadhoo)are projected as being caused by Islamic teachings, espeically in the comments posted by Minivan News readers. Although, Islam-haters in the country may make themseleves feel good by such Islam-bashing, the real causes for such crimes need yet to be identified. However, one thing seems clear. Such immoral crimes being committed on a proportionally large scale in the country indicates that it is a society largely lacking any moral values. Such and other crimes (drug addiction, murder, theft, burglary) being rampant in Maldives, in addition to self-centred politicians lacking courage or vision, an ineffective justice system incapable of admininstering justice and a public largely lacking a moral conscience all point to a very bleak future for Maldives. All these are symptons of a community who has lost its values and spiritual truths and is close to social and moral disintegration. No amount of Islam-bashing is going to rectify the situation.

  15. We also should highlight the vast number of child abuses that occur in the resorts.. Many tourists specially from UK and other western countries come here to sexually abuse our children. The government should take measures to protect our children from these people.

  16. @Aisha,

    What are you talking about?? How can tourists abuse our children in Maldivian resorts?

    Maldivian children, like 99.99 percent of Maldivians are kept entirely separated from the tourism industry - it is simply not possible that tourists CAN abuse them, even if there were paedophiles from abroad staying on a resort.

    What you are talking about happens in neighbouring countries - trying to portray it as a problem that happens here is very wrong, and serves no other purpose than perpetuate your own xenophobia and that of others.

    You are not doing us any service by this disinformation. The problems we have are bad enough as it is; there is no need to make stuff up

  17. Sorry but this the result of lack of sex education. Children are forced to fill in their curiosities in whatever means they find. Usually through friends, internet or some perverted adult.

    Parents and schools must educate children in sex related managers. Tell them about the potential dangers and the consequences.

  18. The real reason behind these beastalities and child abusing is acutally because of a whole lot of free time and free porn. And yes the main Reason is the internet providers, we dont have even the slightest bit of porn filters in our web-server up to this day, yet they were successes-full in banning some political sites but not those porn streaming free sites.
    PORN is the real Issue, all kinds of Categories in PORN...
    To label DHIRAAGU and MESCO is much more sensible as the culprits in the degeneration of our youth and old to this Day.

    Put up a porn filter to the main porn sites and voila, these guys wont be browsing porn on their free time nor will they try to imitate it in real life.

    Seriously Most of PORN SITES should be blocked.

    Now isn't this a sensible argument.
    You Morons blabbering about religion like blind mice.

  19. @Two cents-

    What!! Talk to kids about the functions of pee pee parts?!! The horror 🙂

  20. @ All of you,

    Regardless of your comments and opinions, such actions would continue on a daily basis.

    The state of Maldivian current affairs is well beyond the threshold separating the civilized and barbaric.

    So the weak shall be preyed upon and only the fittest shall survive!

    May god have mercy on us all
    R.I.P Maldives 1948-2013

  21. And what are the police servce doing for this problem? We want actions from them now, not words or figures.

  22. Yeah right. Blame it on Internet providers.
    Maldivians would then be devoid of any information, grow up isolated, look feel and would act stupid...

    I guess thats what is needed for this team to thrive. Sheikh ilyas claimed we don't need education. So there is a link there...

  23. @musician

    I'm sorry if you see my criticism of Sharia law as an indication that western society is perfect. It isn't. Far from it.

    However I take strong exception to your comment 'you people treat women like a commodity to be traded' and 'in your society women will do anything even strip in front of their own family' blah, blah, blah.... I hope you don't work in your country's tourism industry. Maybe you trained that guy how to conduct fake marriage ceremonies for western 'infidels'? LOL

    Yes I'm being ironic, because these sorts of comments are amusing. They show how racial ignorance can lead to misunderstanding and then intolerance and then hatred. So let me enlighten you and see if you feel any different about me after you know something about me.

    I am happily married with two children. I have never been unfaithful to my wife, I don't beat her and I certainly don't make her strip naked for the enjoyment of my family. She doesn't and would NEVER sell herself for money and I would die for her and my kids rather than see them harmed. We have all been to The Maldives - I have been to your country six times in eleven years. I have friends there and have always found people to be friendly, respectful and great fun, despite our enormous cultural differences.

    I was raised in a Christian environment. Not within a particularly religious family but our education system actively promoted the Christian faith. I decided many years ago that all religions were man-made myths and fairy stories and refused to believe in any God that advocated some of the appalling acts of the Bible. I also refuse to take parenting advice from a 'loving' God who created a family and then chose to drown everyone (except Noah and his kin and two of every species of animal in the ark) for being what he created. Incidentally, anyone who has read the story of Noah must realise that to put two of almost 5 million species of animals on a boat and keep them alive for weeks without them eating each other, is ridiculous. Therefore my logic was simple. If the Bible, supposedly the infallible word of God, could get this so wrong, then the rest of it must be brought into question. I have a similar problem believing a religion that claims an unhealthy number of virgins awaits men who do as they're told during their earthly life.

    At this point I can almost hear the cogs in your brain turning as you conclude that because I am a God-less person, I must be an evil person with no morals. Well you would be wrong. I am a good person. I'm not perfect, but I do always try to treat others how I would wish to be treated. The difference is, I live this way because I believe it is the right way to live. NOT because I fear some tyrant in the sky will punish me in a burning hell or because I'll be at the back of the 'virgin queue' and there'll be none left for me. In fact if I did believe in heaven, for it to be MY idea of heaven my family would need to be there, and I don't think my wife would be any more tolerant of me disappearing to sleep with virgins then, than she is now! Even if I wanted to, which I don't. 🙂

    So you see @musician I'm not what you think I am. If you were in trouble I would help you. If you were being attacked in the street I would do what I could to save you. If you were starving I would feed you. If you were without shelter I would offer you a bed for the night. But I wouldn't do this out of fear of the eternal consequences for abandoning a fellow man. I would do it simply because it would be the right thing to do and what I would want you to do for me or one of my family in similar circumstances. Would you? For the sake of humankind, I hope one day we all would.

  24. Do you nonbelievers have a better religion than Islam? If so why not share it? You morals fail to explain your creation and yet challenge your creator.

  25. @zeen Is believing that the universe was created accidentally in the Big Bang, any more ludicrous than believing in a 'creator' who micro-manages everything. Why do you choose to believe in your god and yet dismiss the thousands of other gods man has created over the centuries? And if you believe that a creator MUST be responsible for the universe, kindly tell me where you think he came from.

    Atheism is not a religion. It is simply a refusal to believe primitive myths that were created by men who simply didn't have the knowledge to come up with anything better, several hundred years ago. Sadly what perhaps started out as a story encapsulating rules to try to teach humankind to live in peace (rather like Santa Claus is used in the west to keep children from being naughty) has been corrupted and abused by leaders and politicians to keep the general populace obedient. usually whilst they enjoy the trappings of power and indulge in very irreligious hedonism at our expense.

    Being an atheist does NOT mean I have all the answers. But neither does it mean that I am more evil or good than anyone else. My morality comes from within me, and is based entirely on my own intellect to understand that I shouldn't do to others what I wouldn't want to have done to me.

    When I see the horrors of our history, the wars propagated by man to spread religious dogma to his neighbours, and the awful examples set by the god of our bible, and the millions of deaths and destruction religion has directly caused, I am frustrated that civilised human beings still continue to believe this divisive nonsense.

    With or without religion we would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion. Go in peace my brother. If I thought it would do any good, I would pray for us. However, I will only believe in the power of prayer when I see devout amputees growing limbs back or tsunamis being calmed when millions sincerely ask their god to save them. Until then I shall continue to believe that one pair of hands working are worth more than a thousand clasped in prayer.

  26. @zeen

    Share it with you. Oh no. I am very selfish. I do not want to impose on you, what I believe to be the case. Unlike you, who are so kind and shares your beliefs so much so that you could not tolerate any who does not share the same views.

  27. Kevin Armes, I think lots of our "fence-sitters" are reading your comments, yet being drawn back into their programmed brainwashed minds and try to tell themselves "what he says is not right"...... yet actually agreeing with you deep inside


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