Separated husband snatches daughter and flees on speedboat

A husband who snatched his one year old daughter from his separated wife and fled on a speedboat to Nolhivaram was arrested on Friday.

The man, who separated from his wife and now lives on a different island, took the infant from her mother and fled on a speedboat from Kurinbi to Nolhivaram in Haa Dhaalu Atoll.

An islander told Minivan News that the man arrived at Kurinbi on Friday during prayers, while all the men were at the mosque.

He said that the man came along with a group of people.

”Some of the men stayed as his bodyguards,” the islander said. ”He came with two men and grabbed the baby while the baby was with its sister.”

The islander said the two men who came with father of the baby held the sister’s hand while father grabbed the child.

”The couple lived in Nolhivaram and the woman is a islander of Kurinbi – when they separated she came back to Kurinbi,” he said. ”It’s been five months now she has been trying to get divorced.”

An islander from Nolhivaram familiar with the matter said the man rented the speedboat and went to his wife’s island to try and bring his child back with him.

He claimed the women took the baby when she left without informing her husband.

”The father sometimes went  to Kurinbi to see his daughter, but his wife never showed her,” he said. ”So he went to Kurinbi and brought his daughter back.”

He said that the woman left Nolhivaram last year December.

”Her husband did not like her speaking to other people or going to other houses,” he said. ”She did not like it that way, that is why she left, as far I know.”

He said that the women had worked as a school teacher during her time on Nolhivaram.

”His family and everyone advised him not to take his daughter like that,” the islander said.


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  1. I would like to alert the editor of this paper to the atrociously poor level of English used in this paper.

    I'm sure, as readers, we cannot dictate employment practices and editorial policy to your paper. However, I feel that if you must insist on using English as the medium of communication, it is vital that the language be used in such a way that does not lead to confusion or the writer being lampooned.

    I hope I do not offend Nazeer and that he will use my criticism to improve. I commend his efforts to become a journalist and especially choice of subject matter with regard to this particular article.

  2. Dear Editor,

    The article contains lot of mistakes. Please make the necessary changes and republish it.

    This is not the standard of Minivan News. Poor English. I am noting this as I used to work for Minivan News.


  3. "the woman is a islander of Kurinbi"
    "the women took the baby"
    "the women had worked as a school teacher during her time on Nolhivaram"

  4. Does it matter what level of English he is writing it? Did you understand the serious message he has delivered here????

    I agree, good language is a part of good journalism. But complaining about language is shying away from the real issue here, which is domestic abuse and bullying women!

    I would wager that this woman was and is being abused by her husband. This also shows people do not have a respect for the courts in this country. Why not let the matter be solved in court? Or is that the greater of all evils?

    The Human Rights Commission ought to step in and help the victims of this situation. Please do your job.

  5. Hamza has already pointed it out, so why repeat?
    If you have nothing better to say regarding the article other than the "poor level of English", please don't comment.

    The wife obviously has some reasons as to why she didn't want her husband near their child. Can the police do anything about this, or is this out of their jurisdiction as well?

  6. don't let the people who are more interested in whimsical things such as the grammar get you down Nazeer.

    What is more important is that you keep up the great work that you're doing. in time, you'll turn out to be a great journalist, Insha Allah


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