Sheikh Fareed files defamation case against President of Islamic Foundation over fraud allegations

Well-known religious scholar Sheikh Ibrahim Fareed, and Vice President of the Islamic Foundation of the Maldives (IFM) Mohamed Fauzee, have filed a defamation case against the religious NGO’s President Ibrahim Fauzee.

The case was submitted after Ibrahim Fauzee alleged to local media that Sheikh Fareed and IFM Vice President Mohamed Fauzee had defrauded the NGO.

A lawyer for the two accused told media today that the case filed sought payment of more than MVR 3 million (US$195,000) and a public apology from Ibrahim Fauzee on local media for three consecutive days.

The lawyer said Mohamed Fauzee ran a Quran class in Male’ and a construction company, and that the remarks by Ibrahim Fauzee had affected his work.

President of IFM Ibrahim Fauzee told Minivan News he has evidence to support allegations including CCTV footage.

‘’They are worried because we can prove criminal charges against them,’’ he said, adding that he would release the footage to the press. “The story in the media is inaccurate.”

Fauzee said Sheikh Fareed had been dismissed from his position as Vice President of the Religious Council of IFM, and Mohamed Fauzee from the position of the NGO’s Vice Presidency following the matter. Fareed was one of the organisation’s founding members.

Sheikh Fareed’s mobile phone was switched off and he was unavailable for a comment at time of press.


5 thoughts on “Sheikh Fareed files defamation case against President of Islamic Foundation over fraud allegations”

  1. LOL. Fraud, assault, defamation, battery! I remember IFM being really upset about a letter to MinivanNews regarding gay rights. They were afraid that the Maldives would turn into a Sodom. But the holier-than-thou brigade behaves just like the Sodomites! Robbery, piracy, injustice, name-calling, assault - all sins of the two upturned towns. So who's the Sodomite now? LOLOL!!! Ma hee hee halaaku. Infighting among these bearded fools is my entertainment now.

  2. I guess Mohamed Fauzee is not the vice-president of IFM anymore. He has resigned from his IFM post and his membership too has been terminated and Fareed is not a founding member of the organisation.

  3. Looks like Homosexual hit the jackpot! Fareed was a known backstabber way before he got into IFM!He was close to MDP and got into business when Anni came into power! Looks like Anni used him well! Now all of a sudden all these allegations are coming! BOOring!

    Homosexual, your insatiable hunger to make Maldives the next Sadhoom is very well understood!But calculating that day is very hard as we being Muslims and considering what is happening around the secular parts like France!

    PS:The day when one of your gangs near up to my children!!???I would rather move to Afghanistan!??Kekeke!

  4. we Maldivian only can live with peace if we hang all this power hungry Sheik's. Other wise they will never leave us with the peace.

  5. Sheikh Fareed was also imprisoned and tortured under Maumoon's rule for distributing christian literature! Can somebody imagine Sheikh Fareed actually doing that? Such is the trials of this world for the righteous.


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