Speeding motorcyclist kills traffic policeman

A 22 year-old traffic police officer, Constable Misbah Abdulla, died today in Male’ after a speeding motorcycle collided with him near the president’s jetty, just metres from police headquarters.

Police said Constable Misbah was manning a vehicle checkpoint when he was hit by the speeding motorcyclist around 4:00am.

According to police, the collision threw the officer 80 feet from the checkpoint. He was taken to ADK hospital but later died of his injuries.

Local newspaper Haveeru, for whom Misbah previously worked as a printer prior to joining the police force, alleged the motorcyclist, 28 year-old Hussein Afeef from Foakaidhoo in Shaviyani Atoll, had a previous record of assaulting traffic policeman.

Afeef was taken into police custody and taken to Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) for medical treatment.

Second crash

Following a second serious traffic incident on Friday, two men are being treated in Hithadhoo Regional Hospital after their motorcycles collided on the Addu link road near the convention centre.

Hassan Ahmed and Zaheenuddin Saeed are receiving emergency treatment, according to local media.


14 thoughts on “Speeding motorcyclist kills traffic policeman”

  1. On a previous occasion a similar situation was handled by a policeman in front of Justice building. On that occasion the speeding mobike ran into a bi-stander killing him.

  2. According to "Haveeru" newspaper the guy on the motor bike had deliberately hit the policeman with his motor bike when asked to stop.

    However, in this article the description is "a speeding motor bike collided and killed the policeman".

    I am confused. Whats the truth?

  3. According to "Sun.mv" the motorbike rider who deliberately hit the traffic policeman (with the motorbike) has a history of similar attacks on traffic police with his bike.

    If this indeed true, why is Minivan News describing such attacks as "accidents"?? By doing so, it can be alleged that Minivan News is encouraging attacks on police. Just saying ok!

  4. Now where is Homosexual(whose a staff of this s*** newspaper) and the atheists who spits hatred for the poor population of the Maldives! I bet they will be rejoicing at this incident because the police youth was a Muslim Dhivehistani who tried to do justice by limiting the speed of two barbarians(minds controlled by drugs)

    Sadly this is what happens when we lose our identity to some doggone madness inspired by western style of living where drugs are a common thing yawned by their youth.The same is happening here! Now if we try to do something Islamic in order to do justice to this situation then we will be called terrorists!

    This world has nothing but injustice where the innocent are treated as road kill while the real barbarians are locked behind bars, protected, fed freely, half the budget on their spending, rehabilitation (which never works),their recreation etc.

    The poor god fearing population goes through the same injustice day after day and nothing changes!No wonder god has taken this youth to his kingdom and his mercy!

  5. Everyday the same crimes happen over and over but where is the solution??!!??

    This western way of life is never going to solve our problems specifically Muslims!We have to find our own solutions!

  6. @Shimy on Sat, 1st Jun 2013 3:12 PM

    "This western way of life is never going to solve our problems specifically Muslims!"

    There has been a sharp degradation of the quality of comments on this website recently, which is why I refrain from reading or commenting here.

    I am dismayed and shocked by what happened to this policeman who was clearly doing his job, while this supposed "accident" happened. Unfortunately, we will never know why the young policeman died, since our judiciary and police force is corrupt beyond repair.

    I am also intrigued by your reference to "western way of life" and its effect on Muslims. Did you know that out of the four Caliphs that came after Prophet Mohammed, three were assassinated? Did that have anything to do with "western way of life"?

    I am quite sure you also know that the grandson of Prophet Mohammed, Imam Hussain was killed by Muslims? Was that influence by the "western way of life"?

    My point is that you are trying to conjure up connections between unrelated concepts. Drug abuse is no more a "western way of life" than an eastern way or southern way or some other way. Hashish, cannabis, marijuana, khat and a variety of other "herbs" have been consumed by Arabs, Muslims, Chinese, Hindus, Mongols and many others for thousands of years.

    Please do your research.

  7. Funny how a drugged Dhivehistani committing a murder is barbaric but a religious Dhivehistani like Moscow Jaleel is a mujahid who'll get virgins. As always Islamists have different standards and filthy infidels have different standards.

  8. @shimy

    You are right. Had we followed the bedouins, there would not be these unnecessary vehicles. There would only be camels and they can't speed enough to knock a person 80feet away.

    Had the world followed Muslim bedouins, there would not be the black oil, no industrial revolution.

    Had we been following the real Islam, we would be so enlightened we would not recognise a motor cycle, we would not need policemen, we would not even need judiciary.

    Yep, Shimy, you are right. For the country to run in all Islamic glory,the courts are not needed; and in any case, for all the good they are doing, the judges may as well not exist at all.

    You Dimwit.

  9. @shimy or should I say dimwit ? (lol). We in the west are not driving as idiots like half the people in Male. Sorry, we have rules, we have traffic police who actually know how to make decisions. Any fool should not be surprised that someone has been run over and killed. Nobody from the west, oops, atheists, is telling these people to do drugs or drive fast ? Is there an atheist western school of drugs and driving in Male ?? Dude crawl out from the rock you live under and smell the salty air, it's real ! If you decide to stay in your ridiculous brain washed world do us all a favour and stand in front of one of these scooters please.

  10. @ shimy
    I am a muslima living in the western world... i do neither drink nor smoke etc etc. So you poor and soooooo proud maldivan muslims over there ... just stopp accusing the westernes and stopp taking their money they bring to you as tourists.... if you are real muslimes you just live like muslims but you dont that is why your country is in complete disorder....

  11. Shimy I think you are right. However, I think it was an Israeli Jewish spy who killed the policeman. This has been foretold in the quran too. Take the first verse of the first surah, and minus that from the second verse. You get one. This article was written on the first or 'one' June. Coincidence? I think not.

  12. Actually this was the result of vilifying the police by the former president Anni. Whatever might have happened to cause him to resign his post, he should not have incited hatred to police by the followers. Now we have a situation where every police is a 'baaghi' and everyone who opposes any of the MDP views is a 'baaghee' or a Maumoonist. Nobody talks about the third front.


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