Story of three decomposing corpses remains a mystery, say police

Three dead bodies have mysteriously washed up on Maldivian shores in under a month, and police still confess they have no idea who they are.

The first body was found in the lagoon of of the Reethi Rah resort on 15 January, floating three to four feet off the shore. A resort worker told Minivan News the badly decomposed body was discovered by a beach cleaner at 8:30 am in morning, and was collected by a police forensic team that arrived at 12:30 pm that afternoon.

Another body was found near the island of Mahibadhoo in north Ari atoll on 21 January. Police said the body, also badly decomposed, was discovered by a fishing boat. Police took the body for investigation.

The third body was found on a sand bank near the Taj Exotica resorts in Male atoll by staff on a diving expedition.

Police inspector Ahmed Shiyam said that because the bodies were so badly decomposed it was proving very difficult to identify who they are.

”It shows that they have been dead for a long time,” he said.

Shiyam said that the bodies found near Reethi Rah and Taj Exotica were male, while the body found near Mahibadhoo could not be identified as either gender. Neither could the nationalities of the bodies be recognised, he said.

DNA had been taken for analysis, he said, and explained that police were now trying to discover whether any of the bodies were of people reported missing from fishing boats.

”None of [the bodies] have yet matched to the family members of the people who have been reported lost,” he said.

The investigation continues.