Teshuva Agricultural Products abandons visit to Filadhoo following anti-Israeli sentiment

An Israeli agricultural delegation from Teshuva Agricultural Products that was supposed to arrive on Filadhoo cancelled the visit after the islanders warned that they would not let the delegation go further than the jetty.

Island Council Member Mohamed Vijan today told Minivan News that almost all the citizens of the island were at the beach on Saturday to stop the Israel delegation from entering the island.

‘’But they never arrived, and no one informed the council that day that the visit has been cancelled,’’ Vijan said.

He said now the island was calm and everything was “as usual”.

‘’We have heard nothing from the Atoll Council or any other institution about the Israel delegation,’’ he added.

On its website Teshuva claims its advanced agricultural methods “allow for fresh culinary herbs to be grown in soil-less hydroponic systems.”

Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s new political party, the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), meanwhile issued a press statement thanking the islanders of Filadhoo for protesting against the Israeli agricultural delegation.

In the statement, the PPM said that the Filadhoo islanders have “shown the feelings of the Maldivian people at a time when the Palestinians are trying to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps.”

The PPM went on to claim that the relationship established with the Middle East during Gayoom’s reign was now crumbling “due to the foreign policy of the current government”.

The religious Adhaalath Party meanwhile called on other islands to follow the example of Filadhoo and block the delegation from visiting any other island in the Maldives.

In the statement Adhaalath Party said that although the government has claimed the Maldives would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Palestine at the UN, the government was “an ally of Israel”, and that even if the Maldives voted in favor of Palestinian statehood “that will be done out of the embarrassment they would face if they did not.”


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  1. There you go MN. You didn't print a word of Palestinian UN Statehood bid on this website despite the fact it was the most happening news in all over the world. And now when a small amount of Maldivians refused to allow entry of Israelis into thier island, you immediately printed it on here. Are you guys running this website for Israel and promote Jewish interests in this world?

  2. Ziyan observed it right!

    You don't even have to be a muslim to see injustice of Israel and the suffering they are putting Palestinians through. All you need is a conscience. There are lots of kaafirs in western countries who are disgusted with the racist policies of ISrael.

  3. Actually, I'm all against nation-wide racism against Jews in general, but if these islanders don't want a certain group of people on their island, then that should be accepted.

    But I hope that doesn't misrepresent Maldivians in front of the Israelis. We are nicer than what some mullahs make you believe 😀

  4. I think Ziyan has a few screws missing. As far as i know Minivan is a local website, and the site has been carrying news about the support government has shown to the palestinians bid, and news about all the political parties who has been trying to milk the Palestinian issue.
    But i guess it feels better to play the victim and accuse everyone around, then to get off your lazy ass and do something. Like properly read websites.

  5. There was no anti-Israeli sentiment; there were and are only anti-apartheid, anti-violence, anti-murder, anti-occupation, anti-oppression, anti-deception, anti-ruthlessness sentiments. It is pitiful and tragic, thought not at all surprising, that Islam-haters at "Minivan" News can't see that.

  6. This does remind me of an old joke.

    Q. How many Muslims does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    A. None. They prefer to stay in the dark, and blame it on the Jews.

    The reactions from PPM / Adhaalath sounds almost as if its Teshuva that is at the losing end here.

    Such stubborn idiocy is proudly celebrated, and we continue to wonder why we continue to remain backward.

  7. I don't understand how a government who supposedly came to power shouting the words of "freedom from oppression", are now becoming puppets of a different country like Isreal who have been bombing Palestinians for the past sixty years using American made and donated Apache helicopters. I am further more surprised how PPM could change from supporting it's own type of oppression before to becoming a party which seems to be talking more for freedom of Palestine compared to the so called democratic party of MDP. I am still a member of MDP and have been since a time when many were reluctant and scared to join it. But now I think it's time for me to quit this party which seems to have a policy to not talk against America and Israel. Maybe PPM or Adhaalath could be a better choice for the future. People can change to the better maybe like PPM, while others like MDP has sadly become too corrupt to call themselves democratic.

  8. Our local zionists have neither spines or heart. How can they be so cruel advocating the agressor and reviling the palestinian victims? From all over the world people of different faith, different backgrounds are advocating for, defending the rights of the palestinians becasue they know the ugliness of this racist occupation israel is committing. But look at our small band of atheist bloggers! They are siding with israel.. 🙁 . See, when their hearts are hardened and enmity to god is confirmed, god blinds their judgment so they become more blind than those who never saw the light. This could be the reason why apostates to islam shall be beheaded but lifelong disbelievers to islam shall not be compelled to embraced to islam. Because they still have rays of light in their heart despite their kufr. whereas the apostates to islam,their enmity to islam blinds them of judgment proper.

  9. paid Adhaalath troll,

    If an 'enemy of Islam' can be defined as someone who conspires, plots and does everything within his means to harm you or keep Muslims from achieving prosperity - then it is very clear who the "enemies of Islam" are here.

    And I am given to understand it is one's enemies who rejoice the most when one loses an opportunity at one's own development.

    Maybe you should re-evaluate who exactly is blind here and refuses to see the light.

    Also, you keep referring to a 'small band of atheist bloggers'. Do consult your local sheikh on how Islamic it is to call someone "atheist" without knowing much about his personal beliefs.

  10. Unpaid wannabe Caucasian/Western-liberal/chronic sufferer from crippling inferiority complex Yaamyn,

    While the US finds it hard to completely separate religion from politics for almost the same reason that we do, it is not unknown throughout the world for elections and policies in a country to be tinged by the predominant religion of the voting public.

    Unconditional support for Israel and unreasonable hate for an "Islamic" self is a malaise that grips a large portion of the youth in third-world muslim communities.

    For one who aspires to be an intellectual above all else, your attitudes display strong influences from the effects of propaganda aimed at the masses.

    Your behavior shows that your wish is to represent yourself as someone above the average and outside the norm. Then get with program son and update yourself. You are so 2005 :P.

  11. I wonder why minivan news, some bunch of people who claim them self as the people of freedom do not see what these Zionists are doing to Palestinians innocent people.
    Your claim is a total fake. It seem you are just like the selfish Maldivian politician. What you see is the dollars. You do not see how others live.
    So you cant claim as a MIVIVAN news. You are not MINIVAN.

  12. tsk tsk,

    While we continue to engage in personal attacks - the only kind of debate you appear to be capable of - let's just say an occasional peek at the mirror would do you some good.

    Pot. Kettle. etc.

    [P.S. Where did you get the idea that I have 'unconditional' support for Israel? I don't remember airing my views on Israeli policies. Or is this another of your psycho analysis things?]

  13. tsk tsk,

    Also, "Unpaid wannabe Caucasian/Western-liberal.."

    Wow. A little over a month ago, you said in one of your pontificating comments that I was paid by "American and Israeli lobbies".

    And now, I'm unpaid? Whatever happened? I am disappointed.

  14. the islands of filadhoo do not want investments on their island tainted with the blood of innocent palestinian children, harldy anti jewish...its equivalent to social corporate governance to put it in a more "western friendly language"...see how easy it is to package the same issue in a different language?

  15. Extremism, Jihad, Terrorism - all in the name of Islam. No wait. Israel, USA, UK, may be India are to be blamed for every mis-deeds of Muslims. But is it true? I agree with Yaamyn occasional peek at mirror would do us good.


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