Thirteen year old abused by father in Shaviyani Atoll

Police and the Ministry of Health and Family are investigating a man who allegedly sexually abused his 13 year old daughter on the island of Fokaidhu in Shaviyani Atoll, after luring her to a room with Milo packets.

An official from the island office said the case was reported to the island office on Thursday morning at 11:00pm. He said the man was summoned to the island office by police but was released after questioning.

The official claimed that the case came to the attention of authorities after she confided in someone she knew about the abuse, which was then passed to the island offices by two other youths.

The Family and Children Service took the girl into state protection the same day the case was reported, the official said.

Head of the Family and Children Service Centre Abdul Zaeem refused to comment on the case. Senior Social Service Officer from the Ministry of Health and Family Fathimath Runa said ”if a case like this was reported to us, we would investigate it with the police.”

Police Sergeant Abdul Muhsin confirmed the case was reported to police but ”could not give any details.”

Head of Shaviyani Atoll Police Station Ijlal also refused to provide information ”as the investigation is ongoing,” but noted it was the fourth child-related case reported to the station this year.


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  1. Why is that the Adalath party, Salaf and other political parties and others are not prostesting on behalf of our abused children. Isnt it against Islamic principles to abuse our own children. What a shame that these people just ignore these things but if they can gain political leverage, theses same parties will call for protests. All of them have evil agendas in the name of religion.

  2. Fathumath, agree with you totally! How is it that liquor license gets more priority and protests from a religious point of view, than our abused children?!! Oh but wait, if Adhaalath were to say anything about it, I bet they would say that it was the child's mothers's fault for not looking after her daughter properly or for allowing her daughter to tempt the father into doing something like that! This man will be released by the courts again for lack of evidence!

  3. @Fathumath and Mairyam

    The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Alcohol is the mother of all evils, the greatest of major sins. Whoever drinks it may end up committing incest with his mother, his maternal aunt and his paternal aunt.”
    stated by al-Albaani in al-Silsilah al-Saheehah, 1853)

    any more questions???

  4. My dear fathimath and mariyam..!
    I do agree with you two. but Im really sad how narrow your minds are...
    Do you think (if you are married) your husband will do such things without a reason? or with a normal mind? think of this... I believe a normal human will feel shame even to hear such news... likewise the man who does too feels the same... May be he did it after drinking alchohol or any other illegal DRUG. or lack of religous information.... if it is the reason, than its the fault with the previous government... because they banned giving public Islamic lectures, they widely spread alchohol and drugs across the nation....
    I advice all the Maldivians to think of the antecedents when a behavior arises... then will see the solution...

    Adhaalath is doing that.... Stoping alchohol and drugs and giving true and pure islamic knowledge will definitely reduce all such beahaviors.

    The present government is giving utmost support to Adhaalath party in that... you've seen the proof....



  5. And I wonder why an 18 year old grownup lover of a 13 year old minor goes so unnoticed here....

  6. Ah I am enlightened finally. So it is no fault of the man who abuses the child. The fault lies in earlier government and alcohol. The man must have been drunk from alcohol that was served in the 100 bed hotel in the island.

  7. two things:
    1.where are the calls for resignation if justice is not served on this. where is the cry for the little girl?
    2. what is a 13 year old girl doing with a lover of 18 . for heavens sake!

  8. It is with positive attitude that I try to think where ever possible.

    But half cooked such as this is rubbish!

    If Adhaalaath is not acting funny, they want a seat in parliament for Sheikh Ilyas! That could shut him up!

    Drugs Lords set free by the justice system under the pretext of insufficient evidence! 5 million rufiya in a plastic bag on the headboard of the bed the Lord uses! No questions where from hell or earth this came to its being. Tv footage insufficient, forensic evidence is no evidence. Only witnesses to whatsoever happening acceptable and blah blah blah!

    Alcohol - Mother of all evil!
    Child abuse - Drugs and Alcohol!

    Where does the man come in to the scene? It is the child and the drugs and alcohol who did everything!

    Drugs and alcohol meddled with the man's mind and the child displayed too much innocence and raised the evil ego of the man! He did not have nothing on his mind!

    Why did the child have to have such innocence and display to arouse the evil within an grown up poor father under infuluence? Possible question from Adhaalaath and Judges!

    It that filthy Alcohol and drugs, that is guilty, not the poor sick .........!

    So, it is drugs and alcohol!

    Why not the Adhaalaath call for banning Maldivians using an thing, wearing anything produced and manufactured by people who drink alcohol! Also stop Maldivians going to places where alcohol is made and is readily available! But sheikhs should be allowed to visit Bangkok for medical check ups! WOW!

  9. Yeah it's not the man's fault - it's the 30 years dictatorship, it's alcohol, drug abuse and - best of all - "lack of religious education" - haha!

    Damn I even know this guy... disgusting!

  10. @Mohamed and Jade: Its a really convenient but exceptionally stupid argument you have put forward. Lets blame alcohol and drugs for making father abuse and rape their daughters!!!! I don't suppose you agree that Allah also hold those reponsible for their actions accountable to those action they committed? Islam discourages the consumption of alcohol and drugs but no where does it say that "hey if you rape, murder, abuse or beat your women and daughters or anyone else for that matter, while under influence of drugs and alcohol, only the alcohol and drugs are to blame for that!". And by the way, everyone is sane until they take what they are not supposed to take!!! So lets preach responsibility as it really is in our beautiful religion of Islam and stop using it and manipulating it to suit the needs of men or women who take pleasure in violating our innocent children!!!

  11. this fear mongering by the secularists against adhaalath party ought to stop.

  12. this minivan news seems to have an agenda to blame religion for all the mishaps in the society. in other words its all anti islamic propaganda. now you people have found another target and that is adhaalath party.
    i call upon all the sane maldivians to steer clear from this "independent news site" let the fanatic secularists preach their version of things here, after all this site is just from them, and for them only.

  13. someone who abuses a child or beats up women or even commit murder while drunk or high is someone who has these thoughts even when that person is sober..

  14. religious fundamentalists are always shifting blame from themselves/offenders unless they have personal gain in blaming a particular person. Pathetic!

    @Jade 'mother' of all evil, huh? How misogynistic can one get??

    It's appalling how so many people focus on the wrong points; how in the world can anyone justify that trivialities like where liquor is sold take precedence while abuse and other serious offenses take a backseat??

  15. Adhaalath party and salaf will come out and protest if your government publish another law which will allow these kind of abuses and gay rights..if that happens we wont be coming out with card boards..rather it will be..........................

  16. being a child is a function of human biology. it doesn't have to be this age or that age. even in developed countries like israel, they recognize this fact. so a 13 year old child maybe biologically mature whilst an 18 year old can also be biologically immature.

    as for the crime that happened, such crimes can only be stopped by implementing harsher penalties. we are too civilized for our own good now. we need to be a little uncivilized to dispense justice to paateys and gangsters..

  17. well.. who ever u blame.. be it the man himself, the justice system, previous government, or the present government.. the problem is still the same.. lack of faith!!! had we all followed what the path dat we are suppose to, these things will not heppen. at least not as often


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