Three injured in accident at family barbecue

Founder of SALAAM School and occasional Minivan News columnist Aminath Arif has been flown to Sri Lanka for emergency treatment after suffering burns to 65 percent of her body in an accident at a family barbecue.

An Indian man who suffered burns to 90 percent of his body in the incident is reportedly in a stable condition and is being cared for by his family.

Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said the Indian man’s family had requested that his identity be withheld from the media.

Minivan News understands that the man was attempting to tend the barbecue using a 20 litre can containing flammable liquid, which caught fire and burst.

Police said both Arif and her sister were burned trying to extinguish the man who was on fire. Arif’s sister suffered burns to her hands, police said.

A friend of Arifs informed Minivan News at time of press that she was conscious and speaking, and her wounds were showing signs of healing.

“She was really strong. She kept under control and did not panic,” the friend said.


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  1. I don't know whether Minivan News will publish this comment. But it is a wrath of almighty Allah as she was repeatedly attacking the religious practitioners in the country by writing comment pieces.

    Also, SALAAM school is being accused for spreading atheism.

    One another thing, Aminath Arif still hasn't wore a burga or hijab. It is a must for every Muslim to cover their body.

    I hope Aminath Arif will follow the path of Allah after this sad incident. Aameen.

  2. John,

    You're a sick, sick person.

    Revel in the delusion that you're going to end up in heaven - because there's no religion on Earth that has a place for people like you.

    People like you are the reason why others end up mocking "religious" people.

  3. @John

    "One another thing, Aminath Arif still hasn’t wore a burga or hijab. It is a must for every Muslim to cover their body."

    Oh yeah? Just because you say so? Can you enlighten us as to why every Muslim needs to put such an ugly outfit on their body? It makes me cringe whenever I see this stupid ugly outfit.

    There is absolutely no reason for this in Islam! This is a nasty bit of culture exported from male dominated Middle Eastern countries. Nothing more than that.

    One more thing. I do hope that you realise Allah can unleash his wrath on anyone including you, at any time!

  4. that "20 litre can containing flammable liquid" just striking my mind.. Could it be alcohol? most probably, yeah?

  5. "john" is just a troll planted by minivan to potray maldivians and muslims as inhuman, cruel subhumans

  6. Aminath Arif tried to help another person and got herself burnt. Allah didn't burn her. The fire did.

  7. John: Are saying that Allah is cruel? Is that why you worship him?

    There must surely be better and easier ways for Almighty Allah to ask someone to stop doing what also does not like.

    It must be the same Allah who killed the poor Asian fishermen with a tsunami because there were some rich white women on their beaches wearing bikinis.

    In the name of Allah ....

  8. "that “20 litre can containing flammable liquid” just striking my mind.. Could it be alcohol? most probably, yeah?"

    And you point is? Why on earth would you care to comment, if you have nothing to say? It could have been alcohol, petrol, liquified natural gas, etc. Who knows? You're such an idiot for making such a stupid comment.

  9. Why do people associate Alla with all misfortunes on earth, be it a fire or tsunami or earthquake? And pray why is it that Alla appears to many people in paint pealed walls, decaying leaves and the inside of tomatoes and nowhere else? Surely the creator of the universe must be capable of much more.

  10. i have noticed this, in any news article in which people feel emotional, like that recent fire in a house near thi restaurant which killed an elderly lady and a disabled person, this "john" person appeared in minivan news commenting about islam, in a fashion that will create hatred against islam. and strangely enough, this johns comments are ALWAYS published at the top of the comments. (so that people who comment succeedingly react to it). To me this is very clear, "john" is just an imaginary person cooked up by the secularists or by minivan news itself to cause hatred against islam. This is not difficult to believe considering all the work secularists and minivan news do to discredit the religion.

  11. is it just a coincidence that hate monger Yaameen Rasheed's comment followed immediately after John's "hey everyone come and hate my religion" sort of comment??
    this is just a theory because "johns" comment is soooo lame. here are the reasons:
    1. no true muslim will describe himself as a "religious practitioner"
    2.salaam school was not accused of spreading atheism, it was PROVED and were even forced to shut down by the government.
    3."Aminath Arif still hasn’t wore a burga or hijab. It is a must for every Muslim to cover their body." the whole statement smells fishy and cheap imitation by a secularist.
    4. first it was a wrath then at the end it becomes a 'sad' incident?
    well, i hope i've shed some light on this john. Maybe with this insight, the secularist/ minivan news using john will improve johns comment when the next tragic incident breaks, like sinking of a ferry, spreading of a disease, or any mass casualty.

  12. @ John

    "I don’t know whether Minivan News will publish this comment."

    Have they ever censored any of your comments that you submit just to stir the pot?

  13. "is it just a coincidence that hate monger Yaameen Rasheed’s comment followed immediately after John’s “hey everyone come and hate my religion” sort of comment??"

    You got me, buddy.

    Now I'm going to have to go without my paycheck from evil CIA Zionist Jewspiracy Headquarters this week.

    Excellent detective work, I must say. Aces.

  14. 17 out of 4 comments are sympathies for Aminath Arif (wish her a quick recovery).

    12 comments are followups of John on Tue, 7th Jun 2011 4:22 PM and sadly related to Islam/religion.

    if you feel sympathy please leave the muslims with their hate comments and secularists with their defenses against muslim hate promoters. This is not the right post for it.

    Get well soon Aminath Arif.

  15. Cognitive dissonance at play!

    It does not negate religion in anyway if a crazy ass dude says something stupid in the name of religion in an internet forum.

    To come up with conspiratorial explanations to such comments is sad, comical and only goes to show the insecurities of the the people commenting.

  16. May Allah be with Aminath Arif. She has every right to wear whatever she feels like! Big respect to her for doing some wonderful things to society.

  17. Yaamyn!
    Nazim got you, now He'll be going to have to go with his paycheck from the great "Saudi Arabian Wahhabite" Headquarters this week.

    Excellent detective work, I must say. Aces. LOL

    Yaamyn, you are smart ass eh? LOL again!

  18. @ insaaniyathu
    "muslims with their hate comments and secularists with their defenses against muslim hate promoters".
    its the other way round here. secularists are the ones writing blasphemous hate filled comments against islam and the muslims are the ones defending their faith.

    plus, if you care so much about humanity as your name suggest, what do you have to say to the fact that the Bangladeshi worker who suffered 90% burns to his body is being denied proper medical treatment while Aminath Arif who suffered less burn injury is getting best medical care in Sri Lanka.

  19. @ Ahuren
    Everything is not money for us with faith.

    Good job, Nazim, for exposing the propaganda of the secularists. May you be rewarded with sawaab.

  20. I read the above comments, and just cannot help my self questioning are we humans? When a misfortune falls on some one we are to sympathize with him/her, rather than mocking at her. As a fellow human, I salute Aminath Arif for her bravery and pray God for a speedy recovery. Peace everyone.

  21. Alhugandu,
    My earlier comment was supposed to be sarcastic! Bleh! Some who claim faith and anti-faith are bonkers!

  22. @John: You should be ashamed of yourself. Your very cheap moral perspective is ugly, in fact, it is deeply un-Islamic. you claim to be a good Muslim, then consider this. The Qur'an says that Who can enter paradise without extreme suffering and adversity. In Bukhari and Muslim, and Ibn Dawud, and Tirmidhi, it is reported that when Prophet had ailments, fever, it was earning him treasure in paradise. In Islam, Allah often allows those he Loves THE MOST to suffer the most, as the greatest treasures on this Earth, wisdom, compassion, justice, are birthed through suffering. I believe, Aminath Arif is loved by Allah, and from Bukhari we read:

    Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah's Apostle said, "If Allah wants to do good to somebody, He afflicts him with trials." (Book #70, Hadith #548)

    “On the Day of Resurrection, God the Mighty and Majestic will say: ‘O child of Adam! I became sick and you did not visit me!’ The person will say, ‘O Lord, how can I visit you and you are the Lord of all that Exists!’ God will say, ‘Did you not know that my slave ‘so and so’ became sick, and you did not visit him? Did you not know that if you visited him, you would have found me with him?’” (Saheeh Muslim)

    As with every other virtuous deed and noble duty, Prophet Muhammad led by example. He would both make time to personally visit the sick and also enquire after them through others.

    Whilst in Mecca, for example, a pagan woman was given to throw filth and garbage upon the Prophet whenever he passed her house. One day, the noticeable absence of the Prophet’s abuser concerned him so much that he enquired after her. When he learnt of her sickness, he visited her. She was so taken aback by his merciful concern and that she embraced Islam.

    “Repel (the evil of your foe) with what is better: then lo! the one between whom and you was enmity (will become to you) as if he were a dear friend.” (Quran 41:34)


  23. it has already been exposed that John is an imposter, so why are these people still commenting on him? crazy

  24. Ben, grow up!
    its clear that u have visited an islamic website did a search on "suffering" and the search result you have copy and pasted here. and that you have related with Aminath Arif!
    We all know that her Salaam school was involved in missionary activities and was forced to closed down by the government authorities.
    My heart goes to the poor bangladeshi worker who suffered around 90% burns and was denied proper medical treatment by this family and who is now fighting for his life, while she enjoys best medical care abroad. I wish him a speedy recovery.

  25. I'm glad she didn't wear a burugaa. The nylon would have turned into a choking deathtrap for the poor lady.

    Take your women-killing suicide tools and go back to the history books, 'John'.

  26. Wish you a fast recovery Anthu!! Get well soon and get going with your great work.... people need you...

  27. FOR Minivan authors and Atheists.. please think how she pass away...she has money and everything but shes enemy of islam same as nazim.. this is what allah promised..please think before death arrive to your have a chance..

  28. Know she really know what she did in life in here. allah is most gracious and merciful.....evry one will face this day.

  29. Imran,

    There are a lot of extreme muslims and a true believers of Islam. They too do die of fire and a many other incidents. If you think that it's the return for her being, you're also saying that Islam is a very evil religion. Twisted much? 🙂

  30. And also you better watch your words when saying something? Burqa, Hijab or whatever. It's all cultural too. And i knew Anthu like nobody else. She always had quran with her whenever she travelled and her kids are true believers too.

  31. Voice from Canada
    Big loss for Maldives. I have known Ms. Amina on both professional and personal levels while managing Olhiuvilli Resort. A devoted lady who loved her country and worked towards Muslim ladies and youth developing and training.
    What else needed from Amina to prove her good faith? Covering head was never the only proof of Islam. Islam is action and good deeds. I witnessed her action and saw some of her deeds.
    I am not a scholar, but can enlighten those who spoke about Islam. The one who dies drowning or burning; he/she is s mortar.
    Understanding Maldivian Islam and its history and culture, you will know that many were raised in none Islamic environment, but never abandoned their Islam. May carry different and strange views, but the bottom-line count when reading our Beloved Profit (Peace be upon Him and His Family)say “ Did you open his heart” . Study Islam and fear Allah, no one will live forever, the day will come when we will all be Judged.
    May Allah reward her Heaven, and compensate Maldivians for such loss
    Dr. M. Bassuny,
    Sasan Hospitality Inc


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