Three men arrested with alcohol, snakes

Police have arrested three men in possession of alcohol and snakes.

In a statement issued today police said they conducted a special operation last night at about 10:15pm, after receiving intelligence reports.

Police said a 21 year-old man and two 23 year-old men were arrested.

According to the police statement they were arrested near Ahigasdhoushuge in Maafannu ward. A room in the third floor of the house was rented by one of the men arrested.

Police searched inside the room and discovered 15 bottles of Finlandia vodka, 24 cans of beer and three snakes.

Police said the operation was very successful and stated that police had earlier received intelligence report that one of the men arrested was conducting a widespread trade of illegal alcohol in Male’.

The Drug Enforcement Department is currently investigating the case.

Police Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef told Minivan News that two of the snakes were a dangerous species and were on the list of contraband.


8 thoughts on “Three men arrested with alcohol, snakes”

  1. I would love to know where all this alcohol goes ? Who accounts for it or does it just disappear into thin air ?

  2. Next we find baby elephants.

    Where are the agriculture and quarantine inspectors in Maldives ?

    Fire fisheries Minister?

  3. What kind of snakes? Is the MDP now trying to breed poisonous snakes to kill political members?

    We already have enough snakes in the current government.

  4. Since alcohol is banned in the country, I believe, the first question that comes to my mind is - how the hell did it enter the country? It is a not one bottle that one can hide and smuggle in. Just shows how efficient the security is. Next time we will have people with AK47 instead of vodka.

  5. Virendra, Alcohol is permitted in resorts and safari boats, but not AK47s. Those belong to the military, and it's only a matter of time before even that starts being traded in the black market.

    There are snakes, iguanas and all sorts of non-indigenous creatures for sale at many petshops around the city.

    If people start breeding them for sales, we're going to have a big problem. The Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture and the Maldives Customs should be held accountable.

  6. This vai theyo Aboobakuru's son who is working in Customs, apparently had allowed the importation of snakes for his brother's pet shop that is in Buruzu Magu. Now this guy's brother who has a Rastafarian hair do is the one who hangs around with Burumaa Gasim. And the other younger brother, who is currently living abroad, is suspected of committing serious crimes. Now what on earth is the Fisheries and Agriculture doing? Apparently, when they grant approval for bird eggs, those chaps don't even know whether they are bird eggs, snake eggs or dinosaur eggs!! Maldives is one of heck of country man!

  7. Beers and Vodka are fine , I understand that Maldivians have strong affinity to that. Especially ' Baaru Dearah Masthuvaa thaketih'. But What the hell were they doing with those snakes.


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