TMA cabin crewman dead after colliding with seaplane propeller

A 20 year-old cabin crew member with TransMaldivian Airways (TMA) has died after colliding with the propeller of a seaplane at Conrad Rangali Island resort.

The police identified the victim as Ismail Hamdoon Mahmood of Fehifarudhaage, Maduvaree in Neemu Atoll.

Police confirmed that a team had been dispatched to the resort to investigate the incident.

Conrad Maldives issued a statement confirming that the incident occurred early Tuesday evening in the resort’s lagoon.

“It is with deep regret that we confirm the death of that crew member.  No one else was injured in this incident.  This has been a tremendous shock, and Conrad Maldives Rangali Resort extends its deepest condolences to the family. This matter is now being handled by the appropriate authorities,” the statement read.

In a statement, TMA’s Managing Director Edward Alsford said that Hamdhoon had “accidentally walked into the line the moving propeller and was subsequently struck and died.”

“TMA have infomed the family and is liaising with the relevant authorities. At the time of the incident the aircraft had no passengers aboard as the crew had moored the aircraft for overnight parking.”

Local media Sun Online reported a source from resort as saying that it was raining at the time and Mahmood had slipped and collided with the propeller while walking on the platform, and fell into the lagoon. His body was retrieved from the water by resort staff and is currently being kept at the resort clinic, Sun reported.


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  1. oh! a timely update! Usually news appears on this site, days after the event.

    Hope you will continue with timely updates.

  2. So sad. May God grant him peace and comfort his family at this difficult time

  3. He will never get the taste of heaven. He was part of a system that supported and complimented the operations of resorts, spas and other kaafir institutions. Openly defying Islamic principles, resorts where alcohol is being served, and people roam around in their underwear.

    May this be a lesson to you all, that God will not forget and punish those who goes against our beloved Islam.

    I call on TMA and Air Maldives to stop this madness of ferrying around people to resorts, so that can sin in our beautiful Muslim white sandy beaches. Stop this now, protect our Islam.

  4. Hassan manik..who do you think you are to say who would be granted jannath.. and you talking in the name of religion..chee chee

  5. @Hassan Manik

    Who the hell are you to decide who goes to heaven and who goes o hell? Your comment displays nothing but pure ignorance and stupidity, people like you needs to be removed from our beloved society. They say a little knowledge is more dangerous than none, you are a living example. This accident has nothing to do with Islam or Muslims. So let it be that way. And if he won't get the taste of heaven what makes you think you will smart mouth? The basic foundation of the Islamic faith teaches you to be humble and not to look down on others. How could you possibly insult a poor soul who just passed away with such an ignorant and utterly stupid comment of yours.

  6. @ Hassan Manik, I don't think you are mentally fit. A family is in pain as they have lost their beloved son. Don't you have a heart,

  7. We are deeply moved.
    God will bless his soul and grant him eternal heaven.

  8. Hasan Manik the lunatic!!!!
    such hatred is not one of the traits of a proper muslim.. and since scumbags like you live here in this Banguraa vihkkaaa Bikini laa nation, you are no different from the Poor Soul who passed away tragically today..
    People like you need to be Hanged!!! To god we shall all return!! problem iss are you sure you will go to heaven, when you accuse of a poor soul, saying he will not go to heaven.. Get a Life Looser!!

  9. Hassan Manik, Are you the one who decides who goes to heaven or hell. Please keep your mouth and stay away. And use your tongue not as a sword.

  10. @ Hassan Manik

    kae thee mathin feybi meeheh dho? kaley nuuny nethey negative comment eh kohfaeh mikamuga.thikahala myhun ulheythee massala akee.meehun hayaaih kendeny ves kaley men kahala myhunnaa hedhi.kaley ves nudhaane ehenviya suvaruge. kaley thihurihaa kameh vaathan balan hunnaneenu thi , comment kohlla kohllaa.

  11. Hassan Manik,

    Seriously who the h*ll are you?

    The boy was killed and its time to pray for him and well wish his family, not to guess who goes where after death.

    Abdulla Saeed

  12. @hassan manik,
    i was wondering if you are the one who gives away passes to heaven and hell?i thought it was GOD who decides whom God shall put where and when.but apparently it is you who decides..i hope for one that am not in your queue to get my pass when the time comes..

  13. @hassan manik,
    i was wondering if you are the one who gives away passes to heaven and hell?i thought it was GOD who decides whom God shall put where and when.but apparently it is you who decides..i hope for one that am not in your queue to get my pass when the time comes..

  14. My deepest condolences to family and friends. May he rest in peace.

    @Hassan Manik shame on you. To wish ill on someone, especially one who just passed away.

    Do you know this boy personally? Do you know how he lived his life? It is a job just as any, to earn a living. So don't try to connect your anger towards certain industries to such a tragedy. A young life was taken away so quickly and all you can talk about is TMA and Air Maldives?

    It's not up to you to decide who will go to heaven or hell. Nor to say that this is a punishment from god.

    This is not the time or place to make such foolish arguements so please be considerate. This is about a boy dying, not promoting your agenda.

  15. @Hassan Manik
    You may never get to Heaven for insulting a poor innocent soul for nothing. Before you judge on others, just take a look at yourself; are you worth judging others?

    May Allah grant him eternal paradise

  16. People like Hassan Manik are actually sponsored by Minivan or comments published by Minivan writers and their friends themselves.

    The intent is merely to make Maldivians appear to be callous, backwater extremists and the Maldivian practice of Islam appear barbaric.

    Dhivehi Hanguraama is also one such Minivan-sponsored commenter while Sheikh Imran Abdulla is Yaamyn Rasheed himself who of course is technically a Minivan writer as anything he contributes gets published immediately.

    Minivan will stop at nothing and sees nothing as sacred to attack the Maldivian practice of Islam and the image of Maldivian citizens in their mission. I am deeply disgusted.

  17. Hassan Manik you give the lovely people of Islam a bad name, your an ignorant and dangerous person, please allow his family to mourn and for him to rest in peace

  18. @ Hassan Manik
    it is nice if you consult doctor soon as possible!
    Because your comment it is comment of a very mentally-ill person/

  19. Are you serious Hassan Manik?? Are seriously cursing the dead? Have you seen ANY family in the maldives who arent either Directly or indirectly connected to tourism? What about the computer that u just typed with? Wasnt it made by the kaafir? why wud u buy it to help a non muslim? You are nothing but an ignorant person who needs PROPER guidance ! and May God give you that !

  20. OMG!
    I am dumbfounded by the comment of @ Hassan Manik! What a shame and waste!
    Heartfelt condolences to the family of the deceased!

  21. May god bless his soul and grant him eternal heaven.

    @hassan maniku..
    kaley thee haadha nubai meehekey thivaththarah vaahaka thidhakkany kaleah vahy baavaalany tha..balaaeh thikahala meehun comment nukoh thibebala maa engey meehakah vegen..f*** off u loser

  22. Such a young life is lost so suddenly.
    My heart goes out to his family and close people. May Allah bless him.

    My heart goes out to his family and close people. May god bless him

  23. @hassan manik..
    maa ingi ganegen vahaaka nudhah ka bala..
    kar yah tha ingeny eyna dhaane thanekaa nudhaane thaneh..
    thikahala meehun naa hedhi ey gaumu halaaku vany...
    god bless his soul..

  24. May this young man's soul rest in peace. May Allah greet this young man, who passed away at work, earning a living for himself.

    May other's ignorant, unrespectful and unwanted political comments, please stay at large. It's now time for grief for his family and friends.


  25. TMA must be held accountable for the death of this man. That boy’s family should not be forgotten and TMA should pay the family for his life.

  26. @Hassan Manik:
    Get a life!! Even though you are literate, u aint educated..!
    People like you can twist an untimely death of an innocent boy.. He was just doing his job.
    Please do not bring Islam into this..
    RELIGION has nothing to do with any accidents that happen all over the world.
    What a shame on people who think like Mr. Hassan.. its because of people like you, that even today we are discriminated on basis of religion.
    Let the boy's family mourn in peace.
    My deep condolences to the Family.

  27. minivan news in thi hassan manik ehge email addresss aharumennah haama kuran jeheyne.

  28. I have to agree with Hassan Manik, because such people are involved in the trade of Banguraa and fornication on our 100% muslim soil. I do fear for this boy in the grave!

    Allah's Messenger cursed ten people in connection with wine: the wine-presser, the one who has it pressed, the one who drinks it, the one who conveys it, the one to whom it is conveyed, the one who serves it, the one who sells it, the one who benefits from the price paid for it, the one who buys it, and the one for whom it is bought.


  29. I am dumbfounded by some of the comments. Please show some respect for a fellow Maldivian and his family during this difficult time. May God grant him eternal heaven and may his soul rest in peace.

    My deepest condolences to his family, although this was purely accidental. It is high time to implement some safety measures and guidelines, especially when operating near aircrafts.

  30. My condolence to friends and family of the young man. It is a dangerous job he was doing, one which many love to do for its challenges and rewards. Fly safe my friends in the Maldives and remember Mr. Ismail Hamdhoon.

  31. @Sheikh Imran Abdullah

    vaahaka dhakkan rangalhu , niyaavi meehayaa behey evves kameh engigen dhakkaanama. kaleymen vaki rangalheh nooney dheeney kiyaafa molhethi vaahaka dhakkan . adhi namah click kuraa irah adhaalath party website ah eba dheyey. ajaibeh kahala kamehnu .

  32. ah hassan manik, i used to be sponsored by the minivan crew just like you. i recall fondly the appearance of those fat brown envelopes at the close of each month until nooraddeen sent me abroad. upon my return, alack, i came to know that he'd found a certain loquacious, shia-inspired loon to whom he'd gifted my room above the minivan orifice, my collection of 'threadless' tees and ahmed naish (aka ahmed nazeer aka azra naeem). harken to my words hassan manik, and flee before they decide you have outlived your use.

  33. Ismail Hamdhoon Mahmood is my friend!!! And has been for a long time! We can't tolerate these kinds of comments which degrades our friend. Hassan Manik and Sheilk Imran what ever your real name is, remember what goes around comes around!

  34. very afraid for what happened to an angel of maldives.close to the family

  35. For Hassan Manik
    You made a big mistake. At tsk tsk, MV readers or what ever is your latest sick theory would never stoop this low.

  36. are you the people who decides where he goes. well you are not. and vaahaka thakeh dhekkumuge kurin eyge dhekolhu balan jeheyne kanneyge. emyhakah ves emyhege gaaih meehaka mikahala kameh vinama engeynee...mihama buneveynee siyaasee kulhigandekeyy...konme kameh siyaasee nukohbala...ehen meehunge ihusaas thakaa dheytherey visnabal...insaana ah allah budhdhi dhehvaafa vanee kankamaa dheytherey visnaa fikurukurumashey..kihineh vegen tha kaleymen thi ulhenee..
    hamdhoon was a very good friend, a very nice person in all the ways.
    may god bless his soul and grant him jannah and give his family and friends patience

  37. will Miss yuh bro. RIP.. May god bless his soul. Ameen.
    @hassan manik
    is dat u the creator of hell to judge nd put souls to hell...
    @ Sheikh Imran Abdullah
    if so is there any Maldivian who dose not get the benefits from it??

  38. Seikh Imran and Hasan Manik are two ignorant idiots. Don't you have heart? May God bless this young Man have mercy on his soul.

  39. Knigh,

    Hey, watch who you're accusing of being ignorant idiots!

    According to the knowledgeable one above, you're probably insulting me twice.

    tsk tsk,

    Your mask of pseudo-intellectualism dropped a long a time ago.

    Resorting to cheap slander and accusations while hiding behind an anonymous nickname is just.. rather pathetic, even for you.

    If you have some evidence that I am posting here using an anonymous account, do present it.

    Otherwise, have the decency to admit you're just pulling stuff out of your ass, and presenting it as divinely revealed fact.

    Some other people at least have the humility to add a qualifier like 'I have a hunch...' before making stupid allegations. You, on the other hand...

  40. Let the ugliness of the comments not distract from the tragedy of the situation.

    My condolences to the family.

  41. Hassan Manik kaley keekey hithah araigen thiulheny.Dhuppaanennun.Zuvaanege furanaey gelligen edhiyaee.Echekey hithah araatha.Eniyaavegen dhiya kujjaa ah halhey nulavaa efakeerah suvarugegy niumai dhevvuma dhuvaa kobbala.Thihaa varu vanyaa comment nukuraanee.kaley aa tma ge massalaeh othytha

    May God bless his soul and grant him eternal heaven

  42. @ Hassan Manik

    kaley dhivehi raajegai ulhenves heyonuvaanehnu resort thah dhivehi rajjege hingaathee. visnaalabala miyoh hurihaadhuvahu rajjeyge maigandu income libeny tourism ge sababun. konme dhivessakah ves hunnaanee ebuna tourism in libey laatheegai jehifa gabool kuriyas nukuriyas. kaley dhaanvee arabikarayah gos ethanun bakarieh ganegen huihappan noonee kaduru vikkan basarayah. Thikahala dhivehin ulheythee gaumu baibai vanee. Meehunge machchah badhu dhuvaa kuraa meehunnakee varah nulafa evves kuluneh nuhunna jaahilun. Hiyhama nujehenya onnanee naseyhai dhinun. kae thee dhannabeykalehviyya visnuntheri thauleemee gothakah shu'ooru faalhu kohbala fidiya

  43. @ Hassan Manik
    لَكُمْ دِينُكُمْ وَلِيَ دِينِ
    Lakum deenukum waliya deen


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