Transport minister to be summoned to committee over Israeli jet

Parliament’s National Security Committee has decided to summon Transport Minister Dr Ahmed Shamheed and senior officials of the Addu International Airport Company (AIAC) over the landing of a private Israeli jet in Gan, Addu City in May this year.

Newspaper Haveeru reported the committee’s chair MP “Reeko” Moosa Manik, chairperson of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), as saying today that the officials were summoned in light of a resolution passed by parliament forbidding Israeli flights to land in the Maldives until the National Security Committee reached a decision on the issue.

Moosa added that the committee has not yet set a date to question the officials. The formerly ruling MDP presently has a voting majority in the National Security Committee.

Former Transport Minister Adil Saleem was questioned by the National Security Committee after the Deputy Leader of the Adhaalath Party, Dr Mauroof Hussain, alleged that the MDP government had decided to authorise Israeli national airline to fly to the Maldives and allow an Israeli military post to be established in the country.

Adil Saleem had denied the allegations when he was summoned to the committee.

Banning Israeli flights to the Maldives was among five demands made at a ‘mega-protest’ on December 23, organised by a coalition of eight parties and religious NGOs to ‘Defend Islam’ against the allegedly liberal policies of former President Mohamed Nasheed.

Following the change of government on February 7, the ruling coalition-dominated parliament passed a resolution on April 25 preventing Israeli national airline El Al from operating scheduled flights to the Maldives.


10 thoughts on “Transport minister to be summoned to committee over Israeli jet”

  1. A jet landing in airport shall not be an issue. but wherever possible we shall make people aware about the lows israel went to oppress people. like devising formulas to count how many calories palestinians shall take daily. that kind of lows are too gross to overlook. south africn apartheid pales in comparison to that.

  2. Firstly, there are a great many Jewish people who are reasonable and tolerant. But that doesn't mean that the Israeli government is either reasonable or tolerant. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

    Like fundamentalist Muslims, fundamentalist Jews bring out the worst in human beings. Both groups show levels of intolerance and hatred towards outsiders that's beyond imagination for a more reasonable human being. There are reasons for this, related to human evolution and our desire to protect our "clan", as it were.

    Given that, I do not see what could be gained by allowing direct links with the government of Israel which is hell bent on furthering the borders of their imaginary "promised land", which was "promised" to them by some imaginary god.

  3. Let’s not our emotions override reasons and rational. Why people are so against Israelis Lets treat people with their nationals, Arabs, Israelis, Indian, Chinese not with thair labeling, the Jews, Muslims, Buddhists. These are labels, like what you have for Pasta, San Remo, Barilla, they all are pastas. This is twenty first century who cares Muslims, Jews Christians. If you want believe a god it is fine because believing a god is not a bad thing for spiritual healing, but politicizing religion looses the all purpose of religiosity creating problems and disrupting peace. If you can get tranquility and inner peace from religion you are a lucky person but don’t miss use it. I am very unlucky person because I can’t believe god my brain cannot conceive a God and I am more vulnerable that I don’t have any one to ask help in terrible time, so it is my fate but don’t think I am wrong because nobody knows that God exists.

  4. Minister Dr Ahmed Shamheed has a voice now.

    He is telling media that Addu's development is stalled because of past 3 years of Nasdeeds Govt. Lame excuse for a non performing person.

  5. Tthe issue my friends is that all the political parties now in government looked the other way when an Israel flight landed on our soil when THEY kicked up a row during when President Nasheed was in office about the request of the Israel National Airline to to operate their airline to the Maldives.Remember the GREAT 23 December Demonstration calling for the protection oif Islam?

    These guys make me puke.

  6. @nasir on Thu, 18th Oct 2012 8:29 AM

    Nasir, your points are valid. However, we ought to have reciprocal behaviour from others. Just because you or I do not care about a particular label of another human does not by itself sort out this mess.

    Everyone needs to apply that principle which is a fine principle indeed. The Israeli leaders do not accept our ideals. They have a claim to the "Promised Land" that "God" gave them etc. Neither you nor I can reason with people like that.

    As long as they maintain their very unreasonable position, reasonable people should stay away from them.

  7. The venom muslims regularly spew against Israel and jews is very amusing to us cow worshipping kafirs. I guess this is because muslims.......unlike us kafirs.......are brainwashed from childhood into believing jews are evil and Israel is Jahannum on earth.
    We kafirs have always admired jewish culture and achievements and believe Israel to be the only real democracy in the middle east........hey they aren't even a '100% jewish country' like you dumbasses.
    Do you seriously think any Israeli will lose sleep if the Maldives refuses landing rights to El Al? I'm not aware of Israelis queing up to holiday in Maldives. Most go to Goa.

  8. Anni's attempt to moderate the version of Islam practiced locally, so it is more like Indonesia than Saudi Arabia, has ruffled the beards of the ignorant salafists among Maldivians. This resulted in the baghee Waheed government taking power in the coup. Anni and democracy must be restored or all Maldivians will suffer.

    Most Israelis go to Sri Lanka.


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