Twelve men arrested in Maafannu for gambling

Police have arrested 12 men for gambling inside a house in Male’s Maafannu ward last night at about 2:15am.

According to police, police intelligence received information that a group of people involved in robberies occurring in Male’ were gambling inside Ameera Manzil (a house in Maafannu ward).

Police obtained a search warrant from the court and searched the house last night, and in their presence of the men, discovered four packets of illegal drugs, the chip sets they used, and Rf24,193 (US$1612).

The arrested 12 men were aged between 19 and 30 and all were male, police said.

According to police statistics revealed by Commissioner of Police Abdulla Riyaz, 112 premisises have been searched so far in this year leading to the arrest of two alleged drug lords.

Riyaz said that so far this year police have conducted 6311 searches of people suspected suspected of using illegal drugs .

Gambling is strictly prohibited in Islam, and anything prohibited under Islam is illegal in the Maldives.


12 thoughts on “Twelve men arrested in Maafannu for gambling”

  1. There is a lot prohibited for us. 3/4 of the things a human being can normally do in 21st century is prohibited ! Is it 2012 ?

  2. What about gambling on Camel races. Muslims have been gambling on Camel races since 7th century.

  3. @poor us

    Religion doesn't contribute much to the 21st century apart from terrible things. Maybe my mind would change when I see mankind reach the moon on buraq or pegasus instead of Apollo 11.

  4. religion or not, unlicensed and unregulated gambling is illegal in most countries. there are very good reasons for this and you guys can figure them out if you use your head a little. -hint (mafia type gangs, loan sharks, murder, theft robberies, torture, rape are just a few things that can stem from this...)

  5. lash them as if it is a solution to mental problems

  6. This being the 21st century, should anything and everything happen?

    Agree with @yedo.

    Gambling could lead to many things, even disgraceful things, such as pawning your most valuable intimacies!

    I think in the 21st century we should be living more wisely!

  7. I never said that each and everything is suppose to happen. But normal things like having a drink or socialising is not at all aloud in Maldives. and Im not going for a religious debate here with all your peoples fantasies in fairy tales with no basis on science. clearly our religion is for the 10th century in deserts not in a developing world !

  8. While yedo has said the only sensible thing from among the above, the prevailing attitude among supporters of political associations is to oppose the law if not in power and to justify any and every action of the government when holding the reins.

    Poor us. Western governments prodded and pushed us towards democracy but failed to follow up with the necessary coercion when it came to educating the public and sustaining its pressure on successive governments to uphold democracy.

  9. Holy gambling is PROHIBITED in islam along with music, dancing, singing, art, girls' education, sex and anything else that normal human beings enjoy.
    Clearly drug and solvent abuse is PERMITTED in islam because you find twice the number of junkies in muslim countries than you do in 'infidel' countries. Maldives has an addiction rate that would shame most drug producing countries in latin america.
    I suppose drug and solvent abuse takes away the mind numbing boredom of living with petty everyday restrictions in islamic countries.
    Thank God, I live in a civilised and liberal country like India.
    We hindus (82% of the pop) work hard to preserve the rights of our minorities (18% of the pop). We hindus also give a Haj subsidy to our muslim brothers to perform Haj and Umrah, something no other muslim country does.
    Beat that!!

  10. This our next Big Issue! we Maldivians are so racist people ! No one can deny that ! Our Mullas brainwashed us to hate other ethnicities + other religions !! FACT !!


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