Villingili assault victim on life support after gang attack causes serious head injury

A 25 year-old man who suffered severe head injuries in an assault by a gang in Villingili two days ago has been declared brain-dead and is currently on life support at Indira Gandi Memorial Hospital (IGMH).

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said that police had received a report that the man had died, however this was not confirmed by the hospital.

”We can’t confirm whether he is dead, we have not yet received any official document yet,” Shiyam said, adding that five men had been arrested in connection with the attack.

IGMH Spokesperson Zeenath Ali told Minivan News that the victim’s condition was critical and that no progress had been observed since he was admitted to IGMH.

”The attack caused a very serious head injury,” she said. ”He is currently in a coma and on life support.”

Several media outlets have identified the person as Ahmed Mirza from the island of Maalhendhoo in Noonu Atoll.

Mirza, who works in a shop in Male’, was attacked on Monday night and rendered unconscious by his attackers. He was attacked while he was sitting in a park in Villingili.

Police have suggested the attack involved a gang, while Minivan News has received unsubstantiated reports that the assault was prompted following comments made about a girl.

A family member of the victim told local newspaper Haveeru that doctors had lost hope that Mizra would survive.

“He’s still on life support, hospitalised in the ICU because of the family’s request”, she told the paper. ”It’s like he’s gone, only with a pulse.”


12 thoughts on “Villingili assault victim on life support after gang attack causes serious head injury”

  1. Comments about a girl, and now a guy is dead. Every single incident is followed by arrests, but the violence is not slowing down. The violence is not stopping. The situation is ridiculous.

  2. The victim's name is Ahmed Mirza, not Mohamed Mirza as stated in your article.

  3. cops criminalizing youth propaganda is not a new thing. not only 5 individual but a large number of youth which has nothing to do with the case has been held under police custody. cops labelling youth as criminals in order to keep their positions and to secure their family is the whole point here.. these people has no intensions to prevent crime in this nation.

  4. Predators camped on the outskirts of the city. These local idiots with box cutters will not be given a run for their money. The victims reign high.

  5. @bullrose

    "not only 5 individual but a large number of youth which has nothing to do with the case has been held under police custody."

    Stop blaming the Police. The blame lies with those harbouring and protecting the criminals. Their families and friends are equally responsible for this murder as they are.

    In a society like ours, where everyone knows what's going on, there are definitely a lot of people who will know who the criminals are.

    If they are Muslims as they claim to be, it's their God given responsibility to hand over the criminals or information leading to their arrest. The Police have an almost impossible task on their hand.

  6. mee fail vefa oi sarukaareh. Mi gaumaku nei hama kamudhaa eh veriyakuves. Hurihaaverin dhann jassan v balaaeh

  7. Commander in Chief of the armed forces and police President Nasheed, has failed big time in protecting the public. The reason for this is not that he cant but does not care enough to take any action..Welcoming suspected terrorists from Gitmo prison, strengthening relations with Israel, facilitating Baibala mubaaraaiy for gangs against the advice of police..are all that he seems to care about.

  8. Consider these facts:

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    * 90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes (U.S. Bureau of the Census);
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    * 70% of juveniles in state-operated institutions come from fatherless homes (U.S. Dept. of Justice, Special Report, Sept 1988);
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    In fact, you can pick a social ill at random and you will find that the correlation with fatherlessness is clear and direct. Depression. Suicide. Dropping out of school. Teenage pregnancy. Drug use. In sum, fatherless children are:

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  9. Its time to burn alive all this young gangs who do these horrible things. Its time to teach them a lesson. The police and the government has failed to do so. May be the public can all get together and beat all these shit people to death.


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