Volunteer teachers inducted into island living

Volunteer teachers recruited under the International Volunteer Programme (IVP) for 2011 have arrived in the Maldives and been inducted into the island lifestyle they will live for the next year.

The 13 volunteer teachers were recruited by the High Commission of the Maldives in the UK, the Maldives Volunteer Corps and UK-based NGO Friends of Maldives.

During the induction programme the teachers were briefed on the Maldives and the country’s health and culture, as well as given an introduction to Islam. A two-day island visit to Dhiffushi in Kaafu Atoll was arranged to familiarise the volunteers with life in the Maldives.

The volunteers were also given an orientation session at the Ministry of Education, where they met Minister Shifa Mohamed and learned about the education system in the Maldives.

Volunteers were also provided with a handbook which including a code of conduct and procedures to follow during their placement in the Maldives.

The education volunteers are based in Haa Dhaal Kulhudhuffushi, Haa Alif Ihavandhoo, Haa Alif Dhidhoo, Laamu Gan, Gaaf Alif Maamendhoo, Raa Dhuvaafaru and Kaafu Villingili.


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  1. while i might seem skeptical, as a citizen i would feel at ease if the Ministry of Education has taken all necessary measures to ensure that no missionary work occurs under the auspices of "volunteer teaching".

  2. Its 'volunteer teachers' because our country could not afford to pay them. We should thank UK govt for this. Adhaalath or Islamic Affairs U have any objection? No. Thank God.

  3. Just another ploy to bring missionaries and anti-Islamic preachers into the Maldives! By infiltrating into the education system only can their works be effectively carried out. Their implantation of anti-islamic values into the young subconcious minds need to be halted immediately! This David Hardingham guy, who is a classsmate of Pres Nasheed, needs to be given a clear message, which is "DO NOT MEDDLE WITH THE INTERNAL AFFAIRS OF OUR COUNTRY!"

  4. LOL @ deep6!

    What a weird worry you have! Do you really think that all white peoples come to this country to convert our kids to Christianity??

    These people come for the life experience, and the desire to do good deeds in a growing community, and to "give back" with their time and skills.

    What you should be worried about is the quality of education at some of the schools, especially in the islands. Even some headmasters are newly graduated students with no experience at all! Until we can fill all the vacancies with qualified & expereinced Maldivian teachers we should welcome these volunteers with open arms and open hearts.

    Long may this scheme continue to grow, and nourish our kids with quality education. Maybe even the govt can start a similar scheme for doctors and nurses too and we can have a super-clinic on Hulhumale'.

  5. I believe the volunteers should be oblidged to respect the law and culture of Maldives for as long as they are here. Because it would be the same if a Maldivian go to UK. Every country needs this. So if the Maldivian law says no missionary activity while you are here, then it should be respected and followed. Whats the big deal in it. There is nothing to discuss and no adhaalath or anyone to blame for it. Its our law and all the visitors must respect it. Do you think the UK government will allow you to go into one of their churches and preach Islam. Hell no. Ive lived there and I know how cautious and strict they are with the muslims. Their laws make sure no muslims male way in anything there. If you wanna live in UK, you've got to live according to their lifestyle and their laws. So the volunteers need to follow the same. Its good to have them here for such a good cause, but its important for them to follow our laws too. So people don't blame Maldivians for telling these volunteers not to preach christianity. Its OK to tell them not to do missionary work as this is our law and they need to follow it. GET REAL. That doesnt mean we are extremists. We are just protecting out faith, just like the way Jews and Christians are doing theirs. Keep a broad mind for everything.

  6. Well I do hope that our government will start a new secret service for brainwashing Mullahs and beardies.

    Their mission will be to take these Mullahs, jihadists and beardies to good quality brothels. A few sessions of those and I'm sure those jihadist thoughts will be wiped out from their heads!

  7. Missionary-trackor:

    "Their implantation of anti-islamic values into the young subconcious minds need to be halted "

    Seriously, how do you guys manage to say such sentences with a straight face.

    Do the words 'tin foil hat' mean anything to you?

  8. Dear Mr. Missionary-tracker

    if 'young subconscious minds' are susceptible to implantation of anti-islamic values they cannot be pure muslim minds.

    missionaries can help us get rid of minds that are inclined towards the ways of Satan. we must get as many missionaries in maldives who will help us identify weak minds that are not worthy of our great religion.

  9. Mr hardingham was not a classmate of Nasheed. There is too big an age gap and the timings for education in the UK system are totally out of synch. Really, if you are going to insult some one it does help if you get your basic facts right. Judging by the rest of your opinions details like facts and reality are not relevant to you.

  10. @ Shahid,

    Mr Hardingham himself told me, when I once met him, that he was a classmate of Mr Nasheed.

    No verification was carried out though.

  11. Ibrahim Yasir, not all Britons are Christians. There is freedom of religion in the UK and that is why there are so many Muslims there and so many mosques. The British government doesn't run any churches, or for that matter, any mosques. British laws are lawful because they respect international laws on human rights. Your laws are unlawful because they violate international human rights laws. Your laws don't deserve respect. British laws deserve respect. So you are wrong and the British are right. Yes you are extremists, fanatics and xenophobes. You are uncivilised. So there you are. I have kept this simple so that someone like you could understand.

  12. What they will teach the kids:

    A little bit of dancing and DJ, a little bit of drinking, a little bit of fornicating, a little bit of making fun of Islam is okay and try to convince them that all that's called sense of humour and forward thinking!

    These perverts will kiss their visiting EU boyfriends and girlfriends in front of the pupils and will be walking round in classrooms with their panties visible through their tight mini skirts and "buri-fiththi" and would be knowing someone behind is watching their posterior!

    They will get down to explain certain lessons to certain students with such empathy and understanding that they almost, I repeat almost would seem to forget that their bras are exposed and someone is studying them well!

    Will purposely let the girls and boys eavesdrop on their conversations about the fun they made during the weekends and how good the alcohol was.

    They would pass casual jokes and question about Allah and the Prophet and would often question about the religious practices of Muslims like praying, fasting and pretend not to be convinced at all.

    They would arrange western style get-togethers and complain about those who stay away from the fun as being dull and uninteresting.

    I already sense the mischief behind the smiley faces!

    I so am aware of these so-called volunteers.


  13. "heck" you are one heck of a depraved piece of work! You are the type of individual who, when you see a normally dressed woman on the street, would rush home to grab one of your four wives and ravish her on the spot.

  14. @ Wine & Pork Lover

    Seriously, do you think I have said anything wrong?

    I am sure you know how these people are.

    Of course there are those few who respect our culture and tradition. They are lovely people. I have no complaints about them.

  15. heard a lot about this stuff that there are lot of gays in such cultures, like gulf, etc why is it so? is it because they are not allowed to mingle freely with women in their culture? lot of gays dude!!! what about lesbos? no idea.


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