We will take action against those involving children in begging: Ministry of Gender, Family and Human Rights

The Ministry of Gender, Family and Human Rights has released a statement regarding the issue of children being involved in street begging.

The ministry has said it will take legal action against those responsible for involving children in begging, and those who allow children to stay unaccompanied in the premises of the local market .

The ministry expressed concern that street vendors in the local market have young children, some of school-age, accompanying them. The statement says they find the issue further worrisome as they have noticed that arguments are common there, and foul language is often used in the presence of minors.

The statement further notes that they have observed children playing in the sun, taking meals and sleeping in the same area. The ministry notes that these actions may have a negative effect on the child’s growth and behaviour, and as such are risks to their safety, health and physical well-being.

The ministry further states that exposing children to such environments would have a detrimental impact on their education and upbringing. It states that this bringing up children in this manner is against the law, referring to the Child Protection Act.

The Ministry of Gender, Family and Human Rights was unable to further comment on the issue at time of press.

Minivan News reported in January that a number of elderly people had been forced out of home and had begun sleeping in the local market.


6 thoughts on “We will take action against those involving children in begging: Ministry of Gender, Family and Human Rights”

  1. Waiting patiently for Ben Plewright to arrive ranting, moaning, whining and writing a novel about the lack of compassion in the current day Maldives and how it used to be different back in the day.

    He will also proclaim to have shed tears while writing his post.

  2. How about taking action against judges who pronouce flogging as a punishment for a child or is that too difficult an issue in regards to having a negative effect on health, safety and well-being on a child's growth and behaviour?

  3. Our poor are morally wretched, degenerate and hellbound. They should be garrotted on the spot.

    Those who do not contribute to da'wa and waste their meagre earnings on drugs and on their idiot children will and should receive no material recompense from the lord of mercy.

    Poverty is their earthly punishment. Fire shall be their punishment in the hereafter. Alhamdhulillaah.

  4. Minister of Human Rights...what a joke, Lolly Jabir is not paying the slary of his staffs for the past 3 months.

    What do they do to feed thieir children?

  5. @ Dhivehi Hanguraama

    whay dont you get floggeg and chop off you hand every friday to set as an example to others.

  6. @ Barbarian

    Come on! Don't be too hard on DH. Suppose he chops his hands off, then how's he gonna amuse us with his tall tales?

    Then again... the comment section would enjoy some peace if he did...


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