“Women only” Islamic fashion show to be held in Male’

A local clothing retailer which had organised a fashion show featuring clothing for women “within the bounds of Islam” is now promoting the event as an “Abaya Show”, following complaints that the original concept was too western.

The event is being organised by local clothing retailer Miskul Khair and will display only hijab (head scarf) and abaya (robe-like, loose fitting dress) clothes to demonstrate the ‘Islamic look’ of how Muslim women should dress.

“The aim is not to have a western style fashion show, but rather to give women the news, the message, that this is the perfect way of dressing [in Islam],” Miskul Khair Sales Manager Moosa Nafih told Minivan News.

“This event is not related to a western [fashion] show, it will feature almost all the abayas sold in the shop,” said Nafih.

He explained that following complaints the event was too westernised, the “concept has been a little changed, but the show will be conducted as planned” and will be promoted as an “Abaya Show” instead.

“There will be very strict monitoring, security will be very high. Men, photography or videography of the event will not be permitted,” Nafih emphasised.

The event will be only for ladies as Islam does not support the mixing of opposite sexes, explained Nafih.

“This fashion show will be very different from other fashion shows held in Maldives. Clothes on display will fit Islamic parameters,” a Miskul Khair spokesperson told local media.

“We believe that through such an event in sha Allah, it may encourage sisters who do not wear hijab/buruga to love to wear hijabs/buruga. We believe that this is a new approach to Dawah. May Allah Reward us all and look into our intentions,” read a statement on the Miskul Khair Facebook page.

Former Gender Minister and current Chairperson for the Hope for Women NGO Aneesa Ahmed believes the event is being held as a way to “draw people in”.

“As things are, there are many with strong conservative views. There is so much advocacy on conservatism, people are falling under that influence,” Aneesa told Minivan News today.

“[Currently,] there is a lot of confusion among people,” she noted. “It could upset them if a woman does not dress with adequate modesty.”

Aneesa explained that individuals hold different beliefs on what constitutes appropriate women’s attire.

While she believes dressing like a Muslim – for men and women – requires modesty, Islam does not necessarily require a woman’s body to be fully covered, she said.

“Islam is not only how a person dresses, it is about faith and upholding the five pillars of Islam,” Aneesa said

She noted that there are some women who are fully covered but wear tight fitting clothes, which is less modest than wearing loose fitting clothing with some skin showing.

“[Additionally,] we don’t know if a fully covered woman is doing her prayers, as that is between her and Allah,” Aneesa continued.

“However, the perception remains that if you are dressed in a certain way then society considers you a good Muslim,” she noted.

Aneesa believes that overall “It is in the best interest of the society to dress modestly.”

“What we call modest dress is the same style, an [unofficial] dress code, that tourists must adopt when they come to Male’ or go to an inhabited island,” she added.

The female only fashion show will take place at an Arabic medium, higher education institution, Kulliyah College in Male’ on July 28 at 9:30pm.

Tickets are available at Miskul Khair shops for MVR 25 (US$1.61), MVR 45 (US$2.91) and MVR 56 (US$3.62).


32 thoughts on ““Women only” Islamic fashion show to be held in Male’”

  1. Dear Aneesa Ahmed
    A fashion show 'within the bounds of Islam'......gosh how exciting!! What a jolly original idea you have here.
    Are the girls going to parade on the catwalk wearing full Saudi style abayas with only their eyes visible?
    Is this fashion show going to take place to recitations of the holy koran?
    Is the colour of choice going to be black, black and black?
    Are men going to be banished from the event in accordance with your custom of segregation of the sexes?
    This exciting event must be televised so that we 'kuffars' can have a good laugh.

  2. Hmm Aneesaa ya maabodha ingenii
    Aneesa ge neih evess dheenii illme
    Wot they say is based on their knowledge and this show Aneesa is lack of Islamic knowledge. Dnt talk on topics in wot u don't ve any know-how. This will drw ur reputation down in the community.

  3. " We believe that this is a new approach to Dawah. "

    LOL. It's a new approach to brainwash women into buying your terrorist dress and bodybaggin them for the rest of their lives. All the money goes for terrorist operations, right? Gullible Dhivehistanis will fall for any scam. At least the Western fashion industry doesn't manipulate religion when they sell labelled crap to anorexic Barbies. No such honesty from the terrorists, I'm afraid.

    BTW Saudi is experiencing an epidemic of lesbianism. Segregation like this will only encourage more same-sex behavior. Thanks Musky Khamr. The place will be packed with horny lesbians.

  4. And how do people know if the person inside the veiled Abaya is a man or a transvestite?

    And where in Quaran is it allowed to have only a certain kind of fashion shows....

  5. “The aim is not to have a western style fashion show, but rather to give women the news, the message, that this is the perfect way of dressing [in Islam].”

    Where did they learn this from? Because the "scholars" told them so? Imposing Arab cultural dresses on Maldivian women is in no way "dressing" as per Islam.

    Why do Arabs go crazy when they see the female flesh once outside their countries? Years of pent-up frustrations explode and they have no self control. Look at Ali Hameed, our esteemed Supreme Court judge. A perfect example of a "Muslim". Was educated in Arabia too. How many prostitutes did he consume in one day? I lost count.

  6. Wait, so what would be the difference between one abaya and the other? They are all black, in the same exact style covering the entire person like a garbage bag, with the exception of maybe a difference in the little pattern if such a thing even existed on the outfit. What a total scam! Like homosexual said, I bet the majority of the money they receive would go towards funding terrorist activities in Pakistan. Probably the LeT.

    I laughed my head off when I first heard of this!

  7. Is this trying to show that somewhere in there, Islam is a progressive cult?

    Really, who are you kidding?

    Go back to 6th century. You belong there. Camels, desert heat and sword-wars.

  8. hehehe these comments really are too funny haha "BTW Saudi is experiencing an epidemic of lesbianism" ...

    What is the reason for epidemic Gay issue in western countries? Now I am thinking it is because all the men in those countries wear black and stay at home. Haha you guys are so funny..

    It's human nature to be scared chicken about something different and label it is being "brain washed". U guys are truly natural and have no idea about what this is which they have every right to do.

  9. I bet Ali Hameed will be at the front row of these shows. Watch out for a fat, ugly bloke with dyed red hair, trying to control his, ahem, urge...

  10. I just had to laugh my head off when I saw the so-called "Sheikh" in charge of the Islamic Ministry wearing the deepest of gay pink shirts giving a news conference. See the double standards of fashion on show here?

    Whilst the women folk are condemned to wearing black bin bags over their body, the "Sheikhs" can sport the most outrageous colours of the world on their heavenly bodies. Oh yes, one shouldn't forget the rivers of wine and limitless virgin girls waiting in heaven for these scholarly men. What do women get? Virgin, in-experienced boys?

  11. This amazing 'Islamic fashion show' must be beamed to India so we can telecast it on our comedy channels.
    I hope this story is picked up by the international media so the world can see what a bunch of loonies you are.
    I recommend Kuribee for the catwalk...--please please Aneesa

  12. Western fashion includes outdoor wear, bedroom wear, swimming wear, etc.

    Aneesa, this is a great idea and if you ever have a charity box, i would be the first to donate. But please what should our muslim women wear in the bedroom or when they go for water sports?

    We are eagerly waiting for the next shows on the same

  13. Reminds me of the "Sharia Halloween Costumes" on facebook. Too funny! I hope they keep an extra stock of the "naughty schoolgirl". Although I think secondary school age girls are a bit too old for the sharia crowd.


  14. So why only for women? Why not have a show to tell Maldivian men - what and how to wear? Let's begin with the President himself.

  15. Seems like a few commentators are under the impression that Aneesa is in league with Miskul Khair whereas the truth seems to be that she is critical of this event and against the strict ultra conservative views of the Salafists. As for the "fashion show", to each their own I guess.

  16. this is a business promotion it has nothing to do with the islam thank you goodbye

  17. Young men like to follow fashion and look more and more like women with very long hair.Why not imposing on all men living in Maldives to have beard as recommended by all mullahs or else request them to also wear the Saudi veil as they might be provocative and encourage a gay culture in the long term?

  18. Lovely comments!
    Maldivians still do have lots of humour!!

    30 years ago the Maldives was a gentle, tolerant and fully Muslim society, and everyone in the Islands dressed by Maldivian tradition.

    Why try to be Arab and illiterate?
    It should be the males, presently in power, who should wear bags over their heads.

    Let's have a government catwalk!

  19. I have started growing my underarm hair since I am a female and cannot compete with those who may want to titillate others by parading their facial hair. Will I be allowed to strut my stuff on the catwalk soon? And maybe my brown sisters will join me in this wonderful celebration of our Islamic underarm?

  20. Sorry! I mean underarms! The more communal connotation of the plural form is surely important in the sisterhood of Islam that enlightened shops like Miskul Khair is trying to promote!

  21. This could be a great start to so called Islamic fashion. I hope this will not be limited to a style of one particular country or culture. It also should not be limited to outdoor wear only.

  22. Could they have a beard fashion show next please to show all the good men of Maldives the rainbow colours they can apply to it and the different designs possible, the perfect way to have a beard in Islam.

  23. Because some people are having a specific way of dressing people can't take it and mock at them and call them intolerant. ? What logic is that?

    Speak about your self first, be tolerant and let them have their show without being mocked.

  24. ah yes beard fashion next haha !!! Cutting edge fashion hit's the Maldives this is what the Article should headline, haha !!!!

  25. Hurrah! At last an attempt to give some expression to what we Muslim women wear!

    Thanks for trying to cater to Muslim Women's needs for once. 

    Allah loves beauty & starting from that if we can assimilate women's needs of being Shariah Compliant, easy to fit on, easy to move, smart & chick then it would be nice. Smart & Chic not for MEN but for Allah & Us.

    Thank God the weaker sex - the males in this Ramzan show are locked out. Jokes aside this is super. More and more of our Muslim women have to learn about Islam & take charge of our lives. This is too serious to be left to half baked sheiks. If we women take charge of ourselves that will also encourage them to turn from being half baked to fully baked.

    Go for it! 

  26. @Ms T on Tue, 23rd Jul 2013 1:21 PM

    "More and more of our Muslim women have to learn about Islam & take charge of our lives. This is too serious to be left to half baked sheiks."

    Oh dear, the whole irony seems to have been lost on you, I'm afraid. Wearing the equivalent of a black bin liner over your head isn't what I'd consider "taking charge", but giving in to the whims of those sheikhs busy "half baking" another way to subjugate women.

    You "half baked sheikhs" are salivating over the rivers of wine (white is in fashion currently), and unlimited amounts of virgin girls in heaven. What do the women folk get in heaven? I hope, for your sake, that it's not an unlimited amount of inexperienced young lads!

  27. Just thought I'd share a great article on Muslim Fashion with head scarve designer Fatima Rafiy of Antwerp. If you click here, you can read her interesting conversation with the Halal Monk.


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