Six expatriates arrested for kidnapping Maldivian man over unpaid wages

Police have taken six expatriates into custody after they allegedly kidnapped a Maldivian on a resort construction site in Alifu Dhaalu atoll.

In a statement issued today, police said that on March 19, a group of 31 expats working on the island created unrest in the island over what it is believed to have been an issue concerning unpaid wages.

Six expatriates who led the unrest then assaulted Maldivians working on the island and kidnapped the Maldivian head of staff, said police.

Officers working in the nearby Mahibadhoo police station and Dhangethi police station conducted a joint operation and raided the island.

According to police, the Maldivian man was tied when officers went to the island, and freed by police at about 1:34pm.

During the police raid, officers discovered iron bars, wooden planks, machetes and box cutters inside the rooms in which the expats were living.

Furthermore, police said that all those taken into custody were Bangladeshi nationals aged between 25 and 35.

When Minivan News contacted police for further information, police media official said they were not providing details of the case as the investigation was ongoing.

Last month, police freed a Bangladeshi national that was kidnapped by two compatriots in Malé, being locked inside a room in Galolhu without water or food for am extended period.

When police searched the room, officers discovered a knife under the pillow of one arrested in connection with the case.

Later the police found out that the victim and the two arrested persons were illegal expats and did not have identifying documents.

On March 9, police also arrested a Maldivian man from Addu Atoll on allegations that he had assaulted two of his expatriate staff.


Man arrested for smuggling drugs into Dhangethi Island

Police have arrested a man on charges of attempting to smuggle illegal drugs into the island of Dhangethi in Alifu Dhaalu Atoll.

According to police, the man was aged 26 and was arrested on October 27 whilst he was inside a boat that arrived at Dhangethi from Male’.

Police said that when he saw the police officers he threw a pack of cigarettes into the sea which police subsequently discovered to contain illegal drugs inside it.

Dhangethi island police are investigating the case.