First hearing held in unlawful dismissal case of former head of marine police

The Civil Court has conducted the first hearing into former Police Superintendent Ibrahim Adnan Anees’s case of unfair dismissal.

Anees, the former head of marine police, was accused of assisting the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) by providing information to the party for its Ameen-Aslam report into February 7’s controversial transfer of power.

According to local media, Anees’s lawyer Ismail Visham told the court that his client was relived of police duty on criminal charges after police took statements from his client charging him with criminal offences.

Anees’s lawyer told the court that it was against the constitution to take action against a person charged with criminal offences without holding a fair trial.

He also told the judge it was questionable how Police Commissioner Abdulla Riyaz and Home Minister Mohamed Jameel had determined that the information Anees shared was confidential.

Moreover, he requested the judge determine if the dismissal was unlawful and to reinstate Anees’s job with police.

When the state was given the opportunity to respond the state attorney asked for more time. The Judge decided that the state’s response will be heard during the next hearing.

In August the  Police Disciplinary Board decided to relieve Chief Superintendent ‘MC’ Mohamed Hameed and Superintendent Ibrahim Adhnan Anees of duty.

The Disciplinary Board has also decided to demote Superintendent ‘Lady’ Ibrahim Manik to Chief Inspector of Police, and to remove the disciplinary badge on his uniform.

Hameed, Adhnan and ‘Lady’ Ibrahim Manik were among only a few police senior officers who did not join the events of February 7, which saw mutinying police hand out riot gear to opposition demonstrators and launch an all-out assault on the country’s main military headquarters.

In June, Anees sued the Maldives Police Service seeking compensation for medical treatment of injuries sustained after mutinying police officers allegedly attacked him in Republic Square and inside police headquarters on February 7.

Adhnan Anees, Ibrahim Manik and Chief Superintendent Mohamed Jinah were among senior officers allegedly assaulted on February 7.