Finance Ministry Director General challenges dismissal

The Finance Ministry has dismissed its Deputy Director General Ali Arif following a report from the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), local media has reported.

Permanent Secretary Ismail Shafeeg told Haveeru that Arif was taking his dismissal to the employment tribunal.

Arif himself told the paper that he was unaware of the reason for his dismissal.

“I’ve only been told that I had violated the laws and regulations. I informed them via a letter that I cannot be fired until it’s proven that I’m guilty of wrongdoing. But I’m yet to receive a response,” he told Haveeru.


President appoints Aasandha Board

President Mohamed Nasheed has appointed the Board of Directors for Aasandha Private Limited, the joint venture company tasked with overseeing the government’s Universal Health Insurance Program.

Ali Arif has been appointed Board Chairman, while Mohamed Shifaz, representing Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives Pvt. Ltd., is the Managing Director of Aa Sandha Pvt. Ltd.

Aasandha is a public-private partnership with Allied Insurance. Under the agreement, Allied will split the scheme’s shared 60-40 with the government. The actual insurance premium will be paid by the government, while claims, billing and public awareness will be handled by the private partner.

The Aasandha program was officially signed at Artificial Beach on December 22 with hundreds of Maldivian citizens in attendance.