Detained army deserters say no rights or amenities provided

Servicemen who had deserted military service were found and detained yesterday by the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) under a special operation carried out by military police.

According to Haveeru, an army spokesperson said the servicemen were not arrested but were being held at MNDF centres with full amenities and a requirement to remain inside the centres.

The spokesperson said the army was awaiting orders from the legal department regarding penal procedures.

A serviceman held at MNDF centres have said they are not in fact receiving necessary amenities, Haveeru reports. The serviceman claimed to have a civil agreement with the armed forces protecting him from detainment in violation of a civil agreement.

An army spokesperson denied the serviceman’s claim.

The search for servicemen who deserted the armed forces is being continued, although the number of servicemen missing has not been confirmed.