Aasandha finances almost depleted: MD Shafaz

The government-owned corporation running the Aasandha universal health insurance scheme has warned that is nearly bankrupt, reports Haveeru, following a delay in payment by the government.

Aasandha Mohamed Shafaz was reported as saying that the last payment received by the corporation was in February.

“Earlier the Finance Ministry used to give us around four payments every month. But since February we are yet to receive a single payment. They have said that they would make the payments soon. At present we are using our own funds to cover Aasandha expenses,” Shafaz was reported as saying.

Asandha payments to government institutions had been halted, he said.

“We are only making payments of private and institutions in the islets. The reason is that if the islets don’t receive payments the services in the entire island would be disrupted,” he said.