MDA leader ‘Sun Travel’ Siyam maintains worst attendance record in third session of 18th Majlis

The People’s Majlis has published an attendance report for its third session of the 18th Majlis, with MP Ahmed ‘Sun Travel’ Siyam – leader of the government-aligned Maldives Development Alliance – with the worst record.

According to the report published on the Majlis website, Siyam attended only 10 of the 29 parliamentary sittings for the third session. He did not provide any reason for not participating in 17 of the sittings, and was on leave for two.

The Dhaalu Meedhoo MP was also at the bottom of the 17th Majlis’s attendance records.

Jumhooree pary MP Ilham Ahmed was second in attending the least parliamentary sittings, participating in 15 of the 29 sittings. Next was ruling Progressive Party of Maldives MP Ahmed Nazim and opposition Maldivian Democratic Party Rozaina Adam – both participated in 16 sittings.

Out of the total 85 members, 22 were present at all of the Majlis’ sittings.