MMA extends deadline for submissions for bank note designs

The Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) has extended the deadline of design and layout submissions for redesigning Maldivian bank notes from November 30 to December 31.

The authority had previously received more than 60 submissions from 55 individuals but decided to restart the process after the designs were deemed unsuitable for bank notes.

An MMA official said today (November 20) that the authority announced the November 30th deadline with new guidelines but decided to extend it after consulting with various artists.

The official also explained the selection process in which six of the best proposals will be presented to the relevant officials who would then select a further three who would subsequently playing a vital role in a committee designing the notes.

The team is to design seven bank notes in total with the six going into current circulation and a further special commemorative design made celebrate the 50th anniversary of Maldivian independence.