Housing project only for Indian bids

The Finance Ministry has opened a housing project to build 500 housing units across the Maldives, but has limited bid submissions to Indian contractors, Haveeru News reports.

The Indian government allegedly offered the project, along with a US$40 million loan for its development, on the condition that only bids from Indian contractors be considered.

Haveeru News reports that contractors are required to make an initial bid deposit of US$400,000. They must register at the ministry before September 10.

A statement from the Finance Ministry allegedly said proposals must be submitted by September 26, and a pre-bid meeting will be held on September 8.


Bids opened for Nasandhura

The Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation held a pre-bid meeting for Nasandhura Palace Hotel.

In a meeting held yesterday at Nalahiya Hotel, the ministry opened bids for eight parties and announced the offers.

Nasandhura was the first hotel ever built in Male’ and was opened in 1981. The hotel was mainly used for transfer and business passengers, but is currently being used as a clinic and quarantine centre for suspected swine flu cases.