President and Vice President sign book of condolences for Nelson Mandela

President Abdulla Yameen has described the late Nelson Mandela as “the greatest statesman the world has seen”.

Writing in the book of condolences currently available for signature in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Yameen praised the anti-apartheid leader who passed away last week at the age of 95.

“President Mandela was the greatest statesman the world has seen. His long walk to freedom; his achievement of the “Rainbow Nation”; his principles of courage, justice and equality are shining lights to millions around the world,” wrote Yameen.

“His patriotism and his passion for the protection of human dignity will stay with us for generations to come,” added the President.

The President’s Office has also reported that Vice Presidene Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed has also signed the book, expressing his belief that Mandela’s legacy would improve the human rights of all, regardless of race or religion.

Yameen ordered the Maldives national flag to be flown at half-mast last weekend, offering condolences to the current South African President Jacob Zuma on behalf of the people of the Maldives.

The book is available for the public to sign from 9am to 12pm, and from 1pm to 3pm today and tomorrow (December 12).