British High Commissioner pays farewell call on President Yameen

British High Commissioner to the Maldives John ‎Rankin paid a farewell call on President Abdulla Yameen today.

According to the President’s Office, ‎President Yameen ‎expressed his gratitude to High Commissioner Rankin for the ‎cooperation ‎and close friendship with ‎the Maldives during his tenure and conveyed his hopes to further ‎strengthen the close mutual ‎relations the two ‎countries.

Discussions were also focused on the current political situation ‎of the country and President Yameen assured the Government’s ‎commitment to uphold the rule of law and consolidate democracy in the ‎Maldives.

High Commissioner Rankin expressed his pleasure to serve as his nation’s High Commissioner to the Maldives and reassured the British Government’s commitment to work with the Maldives on “issues of mutual interest.”


President Waheed meets US ambassador and British high commissioner in Male’

President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan yesterday held separate meetings with both the Ambassador of the United States accredited to the Maldives Michelle J Sison and the British High Commissioner to the Republic of Maldives John Rankin in Male’.

According to the Presidents’ Office, Dr Waheed spoke to both diplomats about the current progress towards scheduling presidential elections for next year. The US was also thanked for the assistance it provided in investigating the murder of MP Dr Afrasheem Ali.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Rankin used his meeting to stress that the UK would continue to support political stability in the Maldives, while reiterating hopes that elections in 2013 were carried out “smoothly and independently”.