Search continues for man lost at sea

The coast guard has given up its search to find the man who was lost at sea last week.

The Bangledeshi man, who was around 22 years old, fell off a fishing vessel on 7 January north of Ari Atoll Thoddoo.

The coastguard said their vessel ‘Iskandhar’ had covered an area of 533 nautical square miles in an attempt to find the man.

The coastguard again urged all vessels in the area to keep an eye out for the man, who was last seen wearing a red shirt, and urged anyone with information to contact them on 191, 3395981 or 3398898.


Two children in row boat rescued by MNDF

Two children in a rowboat who were swept away by strong currents have been rescued by MNDF Northern Command.

The two children were travelling from Haa Alif Muraidhoo to Haa Alif Baa Rah, when their boat was pulled off course by strong currents. Both children tried to desperately row towards Baa Rah but failed.

When MNDF got news of the incident, they dispatched Coast Guard harbour craft 103 to the scene. The boys were rescued near Haa Alif Alidhoo around 6,14pm.

Both children are reported to be fine.


Fishing vessel runs aground and sinks

A fishing vessel sank after it ran aground on Alifushi reef in Raa atoll this morning.

‘Kandu Roalhi 7’ of Alif Alif Ukulhahu left the Alifhushi harbour this morning at around 5:55am, experienced engine failure and crashed into the reef.

Another dhoni attempted to tow the vessel back to Alifhushi harbour, but during this process Kandu Roalhi 7 sank into the harbour.

MNDF northern command sent coastguard divers to the scene and together with the stricken vessel’s crew they managed to raise the vessel.

The coastguard website stated no one was hurt in this incident. This is the second incident of this nature in two days


Fishing dhoni runs aground

A dhoni on a sea cucumber harvesting trip ran aground on Laamu Gaaerifaru reef this morning.

According to the Maldives coast guard, the dhoni belonged to Ibrahim Ali of Raa Rasgetheemu. The accident occured at 8.50am this morning and the coast guard was contacted immediately.

A craft including police was dispatched from Laamu Madivaru and recovered the dhoni by 9:40am.

None of the six people on board were hurt, although the coastguard noted that the dhoni did not have a safety certificate nor was it carryng life jackets.


Lost fishermen found

According to MNDF coast guard, the two fisherman from H. Dh. Neykurendhoo lost while out on a fishing trip have been found.

Hussain Abdulla, 43, and Mohamed Shifau, 15, left the island at around 7am on Saturday and failed to return.

Following a search and rescue operation carried out by the coast guard, the vessel was found today at 6.59am this morning,four miles off the coast of Neykurendhoo.

Both men were in good health and the boat is currently being assisted back to Neykurendhoo. The Coastguard noted that the vessel did not contain any mean of communication and urged people travelling in ocean-going vessels to ensure they had such equipment.