84 foot fishing vessel breaks in two while at sea

An 84 foot fishing vessel from Gaafu Alif Atoll has broken in two while on a fishing trip, reports local media.

Haveeru reported that there no were no injuries to the twenty or so people on the vessel when the boat broke at around 6.30am this morning, The boat was identified as ‘Theyravaa’ from Gaadu Alif Dhehvadhoo.

“We do not know as of yet why the boat broke into two,” said the vessel’s owner Ali Muneer according to Haveeru.

Muneer said that the vessel broke soon after it took off from catching bait fish near one of the islands of the atoll, and that the two pieces of the hull were currently being towed to an island for repairs.

Raajje.mv reported that the vessel has been in operation for over 15 years, and that the National Coastguard is assisting the boat owner in towing the vessel.

Source: Haveeru


Police holding discussions to repatriating Iranian fishermen

Police have announced that they are holding discussions on the matter of repatriating 14 Iranians on a fishing boat found in Maldivian seas.

The boat was discovered near the island of Thimarafushi in Thaa Atoll on June 6, after having been lost at sea for two months.

Police revealed that the boat and its crew are now in the island of Madifushi in Thaa Atoll.


Lone survivor found on Sri Lankan fishing vessel adrift in Maldives

A Sri Lankan fishing vessel was found adrift in Maldivian waters on Wednesday with one survivor, reports Haveeru.

The survivor, Ramzee, 25, told the Maldivian fishermen who discovered him and his vessel that there had been four other crew members on board.

They had died of starvation and their bodies had to be thrown overboard.

The boat had set sail from Sri Lanka eight months ago, and had drifted into Maldivian waters after its engines malfunctioned, according to Ramzee.

A Maldivian fishing vessel discovered Ramzee’s boat near Gaaf Dhaal Atoll Thinadhoo.

Ramzee is now at the Thinadhoo Regional Hospital while authorities are investigating the cause of the incident.


Fishing vessel runs aground and sinks

A fishing vessel sank after it ran aground on Alifushi reef in Raa atoll this morning.

‘Kandu Roalhi 7’ of Alif Alif Ukulhahu left the Alifhushi harbour this morning at around 5:55am, experienced engine failure and crashed into the reef.

Another dhoni attempted to tow the vessel back to Alifhushi harbour, but during this process Kandu Roalhi 7 sank into the harbour.

MNDF northern command sent coastguard divers to the scene and together with the stricken vessel’s crew they managed to raise the vessel.

The coastguard website stated no one was hurt in this incident. This is the second incident of this nature in two days