UNESCO experts to assess coral stone mosques for World Heritage list

A team of experts from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) has arrived in the Maldives to assess the nomination of coral stone mosques to the World Heritage sites list.

According to the Ministry of Education, six coral stone mosques were included in a tentative list last year.

Since then Maldives has started working on preparing the dossier up to their criteria’s to inscribe the stone mosques of Maldives in the final list of World Heritage list,” the ministry explained.

“First draft of the nomination dossier needs to be sent to UNESCO by September of this year to be inscribed on the year 2016. This team of Experts will be guiding through the documents that are being prepared and they will be verifying whether the dossiers are up to the criteria of UNESCO.”

Prior to departing on August 29, the team of experts are due to visit the six coral mosques, two of which are in the capital, with the rest located in Alif Dhaal Fenfushi, Raa Meedhoo, Haa Alif Ihavandhoo and Laamu Isdhoo.

In April, the Department of Heritage announced an exhibition to raise public awareness about the six coral mosques.