Sri Lankan worker’s arm crushed in concrete mixer

A Sri Lankan man working at a resort under development on Vagaaru in Shaviyani Atoll has had his arm amputated after it became caught it a concrete mixing machine, reports Haveeru.

Doctors at Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital in Haa Dhaal Atoll amputated the 28 year-old’s right arm up to the elbow after it was crushed in the machine.

Hospital official Mohamed Abdurrahman told Haveeru that the four-hour long operation was the only option left, as the man’s bones had been crushed.

Haveeru reported that the incident occurred place on Sunday evening while the man was washing the machine.

“We suspect he caught his shirt in the machine. That is what caused the accident. Fragments of his bones were also in it,” a co-worker told the newspaper.