Deputy Prosecutor General resigns

Deputy Prosecutor General Dheebanaaz Fahmy resigned from her post today, being replaced with Hussain Shameem, local media has reported.

Sun Online stated that Dheebanaaz refused to disclose the reasons for her dismissal, though she was reported to have described having worked with Prosecutor General Ahmed Muizz as a privilege.

Muizz is currently facing a no-confidence motion in the Majlis after the Maldivian Democratic Party accused him of of “selectively” pursuing cases against its members while ignoring “human rights abuses” committed by police in the wake of the controversial transfer of presidential power on February 7, 2012.

Muizz has suggested that he would tender his resignation before allowing the Majlis to vote on the motion.

Muizz’s new deputy, Shameem, previously held the position until late last year before taking time to study abroad.