ADK to offer mammography and digital x-ray services

Private hospital ADK in Male’ introduced mammography and digital x-ray services for the first time in the country, reports Haveeru.

The service was launched by former employee and Male’ MP Ahmed ‘X-ray’ Athif at a ceremony at the hospital yesterday.

According to CEO Ahmed Nashid, the new equipment cost about Rf10 million (US$778,210) and a foreign specialist has been brought in to operate the machines

While the hospital will charge a Rf600 fee for the service, it will be offered for free to the first 25 customers as part of an inaugural promotion.

Speaking at the ceremony, Managing Director Ahmed Afaal said that the use of digital x-rays will reduce the impact on the environment caused by the chemicals used to produce the films.

Statistics show an upward trend in the incidence of breast cancer in the Maldives.