Drifting speedboat rescued at sea

A speedboat that ran out of fuel and was drifting with the currents in Baraveli Kandu last night has been rescued by MNDF Nothern Area Command.

The boat was travelling from Raa Alifushi to Lhaviyani Hinnavaru carrying six people and a child. According to MNDF they left Alifushi around 10:45 pm.

The speedboat,  ‘Zaako’, belonged to Mohamed Ismail of Lhaviyani Hinnavaru, Jambuge, and ran out of fuel around 1.40 am.

The MNDF dispatched a coast guard launch to find the stricken vessel, eventually discovering it at 3:00 am, two miles west from Lhaviyani Madivaru.

The speed boat was towed into Lhaviyani Hinnavaru harbour at 3:40 am, and all on board were reported to be fine.

Speaking to Minivan News about the incident, Lieutenant Abdul Ali of the MNDF said such incidents were becoming “more and more common.”

“Those in charge [of vessels] hould realise how long the journey will take, and if ensure they have sufficient amounts of fuel,” he said.  “It is important to be cautious before travelling at sea.”

When asked about what actions the coastguard had taken to try and reduce the number of incidents, Ali claimed the authority continuously gives advice and holds many awareness programs.

MNDF urged all sea travllers to contact the nearest MNDF area command if an incident should occur, or if that number is not known, to dial the toll free emergency number 191.