Police make drug busts in Noonu, Raa Atolls

Police have arrested two men in possession of illegal narcotics from Noonu and Raa Atolls based on intelligence information.

On October 21, a 28 year-old was taken into custody from Noonu Lhohi based on intelligence information received by the Noonu Manadhoo Police Station. The suspect was arrested at the harbour after he alighted from a boat that arrived from Lhaviyani atoll.

When the suspected was searched, police discovered five packets of heroin and 16 packets of hash oil under the soles of his sandals.

Meanwhile, a 20 year-old was arrested from Raa Ungoofaru yesterday with three packets of hash oil based on a tip-off to the Ungoofaru Police Station.

The suspect had arrived in Ungoofaru from Madduvari on the Raa Atoll south ferry and was about to take the north ferry from Ungoofaru when he was taken into custody.

The cases are being investigated by the Noonu and Raa Atoll Police Stations.


Police make drug busts in three atolls

Police have arrested a number of individuals with illegal narcotics during the past two weeks in Baa Atoll, Addu City and Raa Atoll.

According to police media, a male suspect aged 21 was arrested with 11 packets of hash oil in an operation conducted in Baa Atoll Dhonfanu on October 18.

In a second arrest in Baa Atoll two days later, a female suspect aged 24 was taken into custody with nine packets of hash oil on October 20 from a launch traveling from Male’ to Baa Atoll Thulhadhoo. The arrest was made based on information received by police intelligence and the drugs were found in the suspect’s hand bag.

Both cases are being further investigated by the Baa Atoll Police Station.

On October 23, two male suspects aged 29 and 40 were taken into custody from an uninhabited house in the Maradhoo district of Addu City. The men were caught using drugs and were arrested with 20 rubber packets of suspected heroin as well as drug paraphernalia.

The arrests in Addu City were made based on information received by police intelligence. Both men tested positive for opiates at the Gan Police Station.

Meanwhile, a female suspect aged 20 was arrested on Thursday, October 25 from a boat traveling from Male’ to Raa Atoll Meedhoo. Based on a tip-off to police intelligence, the suspect was arrested from the boat when it arrived in Meedhoo and was taken to the Raa Atoll Ungoofaru Police Station.

Illicit narcotics were found in her possession when she was checked at the police station.

In the same atoll, a male suspect aged 33 was taken into custody yesterday (Friday, October 26) in Raa Atoll Dhuvafaru during an operation conducted by the Dhuvafaru Police Station. A rubber packet containing suspected drugs was found in the suspect’s shorts when he was searched at the police station.

The Dhuvafaru Police Station on October 23 began a special operation to curb crime and traffic violations during the ongoing Eid holidays.