Police officer imprisoned for one year on corruption charges

A Police constable at the Drug Enforcement Department (DED) who was investigating an individual called Mabaah Waheed has been sentenced to one year in prison after the Criminal Court found him guilty on charges of corruption.

The Criminal Court identified the police constable as Ahmed Ismail of Mahchangolhi Hinnavaru, Male’.

”Although Ahmed Ismail denies that he did not attempt to receive any benefit from Mabaah, according to the word of Mabaah and documents presented as well as texts sent by Ismail to Mabaah there are reasons to believe these words are true,” said the Judge in his verdict. “All the evidence presented is linked and based on [this] and Mabaah’s statements, Ahmed Ismail is found guilty of violating article 2(a) of the Corruption Act.”

In court, Ismail had denied all the charges, aside from confirming that he was the person investigating the case against Waheed.

According to the Criminal Court, Ismail was accused of asking Waheed to get two girls to have sex with him in exchange for releasing Waheed without taking any action.


Police arrested 1153 people on drug charges in 2010, show police statistics

Maldives police arrested1153 persons on drug charges in 2010, according to statistics released by the Drug Enforcement Department (DED), a reduction on the 1834 arrests made in 2009.

Police statistics showed that in 2009, 19 persons accused of dealing illegal narcotics on a large scale were arrested, with  10 of the 19 cases were sent to the courts to for trial.

In 2010, 48 ‘large scale’ dealers were arrested and 33 cases were investigated, while 25 of the cases were sent to Prosecutor General’s office.

In additional, during 2010 police seized 3.3 kilograms of heroin, 5.5 kilograms of cannabis and 790 bottles of alcohol, a total street value police claimed was Rf11.2 Million (US$870,000).

Head of DED,Police Superintendent Mohamed Jinah, said that police had reduced the spread of drugs by 50 percent during the last two years.

Last year 7218 persons were searched while 175 police special operations were conducted in Male’. 95 operations were conducted in the islands.