Street value of Faamudheyrige alcohol bust at MVR200,000

The Maldives Police Services have confiscated 70 bottles of liquor and 70 cans of beer with a street value of MVR200,000 (US12,970) from Faamudheyrige in Maafannu ward in Malé.

The police searched Faamudheyrige under a court warrant following the arrest of a foreign national carrying three bottles of liquor on the street.

Head of the Drug Enforcement Department Ahmed Shifan claimed it is foreigners who are mainly active in Malé’s black market trade in alcohol, but said they received help from Maldivians.

The police have noted a spike in alcohol sales in Malé this month due to new year celebrations, and have confiscated at least 400 containers of alcohol since December 1.

Shifan has previously said the police would not allow the use of alcohol or other illegal activities to take place at new year celebrations.