Police urge caution following false officer report

Police have warned the public to be vigilant against individuals falsely posing as its officers following an isolated incident outside a bank in the capital this week.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam told Minivan News that the Maldives Police Service had issued a warning against so called “fake” police after it received a report from a member of the public that claimed they had been approached outside a bank by a man claiming to be an officer.  The so-called police officer was alleged to have offered the person  assistance with money they were carrying.

“An individual approached a member of the public saying he was a police officer and offered to assist in transporting their money,” he said.  “This occurred near a bank and we are urging the public to be aware of these type of things.”

Shiyam added that the individual was not wearing a police uniform, though he was dressed smartly and looked “decent”, according to the report of the incident.  When asked about the identity of the individual who was alleged to have posed as a police officer, the sub inspector said that the incident was at present believed to be an isolated event and not an ongoing criminal endeavor.

However, police stressed that the any member of the public being approached by an officer should ask for their name, proof of identity and a follow-on phone number to verify if they are a law enforcement official.

“We do offer to escort the public with amounts of money, but only when they officially request support first,” he said.

Shiyam added that official officers would also wear full police uniform.