RaajjeTV condemns newly formed PPM for barring journalist from press conference

Private broadcasting television RaajjeTV has condemned the newly formed Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), led by former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, after senior officials of the party denied entrance to  a journalist from RaajjeTV to a press conference held by the party yesterday.

In a statement, RaajjeTV said that the action of PPM senior officials was undemocratic and uncivilised, and claimed that the PPM has boycotted the TV channel.

‘’To date, Raajje TV was never invited to any event organised by PPM, and has constantly refused to provide any information to us,’’ the statement said. ‘’It is questionable whether a party formed for the benefit of the citizens would do something that would destroy democracy while it is still in its infant stage.’’

RaajjeTV said that it would try to bring “true news” to the citizens of the Maldives, despite the situation.

The TV channel also called on the former President and his family to share information to the media equally and to be consistent in its words and deeds.

MP Ahmed Nihan, who is the current Media Coordinator of PPM, today told Minivan News that he knew about the incident last night and said that it was regrettable.

‘’We do not have any issues with the TV channel, but there might be some individuals in the party that have issues with it,’’ Nihan said. ‘’We have not made any decision to boycott RaajjeTV.’’

Nihan said he personally had given two live interviews to RaajjeTV and has been sharing information equally.

‘’We give very high priority to the media because it is the fourth pillar of democracy,’’ he said adding that the reports broadcasted on RaajjeTV were “usually against former President Gayoom”.

‘’Although they air such reports, we do not have any issue with that as long as they keep to the laws,’’ Nihan said.

Spokesperson of PPM Ahmed Mahlouf did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.