JP fined MVR 17,000 over “dead members”

The Elections Commission has fined the Jumhooriee Party (JP) MVR 17,000 (USD 1108) in December for submitting three party membership forms ‘signed’ by deceased people.

A press release by the commission states that the fine is levied under the Political Parties Act.

According to the Elections Commission website, the JP currently has a total of 14,330 members.

The Commission has previously brought cases of membership forms being submitted in the names of the deceased, or under other fraudulent terms, to the notice of the police.

They have previously noted that political parties submitted a higher number of fraudulent forms at the time when the parties held membership drive campaigns following the parliament was working to pass a bill stating that a party must consist of a minimum of 10,000 members to be officially registered.

The commission has previously revealed in 2012 that then President Mohamed Waheed’s party had submitted 80 percent fraudulent membership forms.