Dengue outbreak in Gaaf Alif Villigili under control

The rapid spread of dengue in Gaaf Alif Villigili last week that resulted in one death and 129 islanders struck with fever has been brought under control, according to the island hospital.

MNBC One reports that the ‘Villigili Dengue Task Force’ conducted a door-to-door awareness raising programme together with programmes to clean the island and spray fog to eradicate mosquito breeding grounds after three people were admitted to hospital on Saturday with dengue fever.

No new cases have been reported to the hospital in the past three days. Four people – three expatriates and a four year-old girl – are being treated at the hospital for dengue.

Nationwide some 1,900 cases of dengue have been recorded so far this year with 11 deaths compared to a total of 10 in 2006 out of 2,788 recorded cases.


Two men arrested for sexual assualt

Two men have been arrested in Gaaf Alif Vilingili, for sexual assualt of a  30-year-old woman.

According to police, the incident occurred on the night of 31 December 2009.

Police suspect that the two men had broken into her room through a window while she was asleep. They forced her down and attempted to assault her.

The two men arrested in connection with the case were aged 31 and 19.

The serious organised crime unit and Vilingili police are in charge of the case.