Adeeb and Mahloof in Twitter spat after allegations of threats and bribery

Former ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) MP Ahmed Mahloof has claimed a group of ten men attempted to break in to his apartment last night after Tourism Minister Ahmed Adeeb threatened him over the phone.

In a tweet at 10:15 pm on March 15, Mahloof claimed the group tried to forcefully enter his home around 9:30 pm.

The Maldives Police Services confirmed they are investigating a case where “a suspicious group of people knocked on Henveiru East Light before taking off.”

Adeeb has denied the allegations, claiming Mahloof was getting paid or bribed to defame him and President Abdulla Yameen. 

Adeeb shared a screenshot of an alleged text conversation between Mahloof and Adeeb, where Mahloof appeared to threaten him saying “things would get ugly tonight” and that he could ruin the tourism minister’s name with “only one tweet.”

Reload in the tweet refers to a local term for topping up credit on mobile phones.

Mahloof in a subsequent tweet claimed the screenshot of the text messages were fabricated. He also shared a recording of the phone call in which he claims Adeeb threatened him.

In the recording, which appears slightly edited, Adeeb said he had called Mahloof back because the MP had said he would pay Adeeb back.

“I don’t have to pay you, I would only have to pay back if I’d taken money from you. I don’t have to pay back campaign money. Why are you speaking so much of me, my wife, of stabbings and drugs? We don’t have to go to that level,” Mahloof said.

“I don’t talk. I’m not one to talk, if I wanted to do something, I act,” Adeeb replied.

When Mahloof maintained he did not owe any money, Adeeb says: “Yeah OK, hold on then. Let’s see if you dare to remain that way.”

Adeeb has called the recording fake and said it indicated the Galholu South MP was getting “desperate.” 

Opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has meanwhile condemned the attempted break in at Mahloof’s house, and accused Speaker Abdulla Maseeh and the government of negligence in affording parliamentarians security.

The MDP noted threats against opposition MPs had caused the Inter-Parliamentary Union to classify the Maldives as one of the most dangerous countries to be an MP.

At today’s People’s Majilis sitting, Mahloof went up to Speaker Abdulla Maseeh’s desk and demanded that he be provided protection before he was “murdered.”

He also tweeted last night saying telecom provider Dhiraagu had called him to inform him that an individual pretending to be Mahloof had requested his mobile number be disconnected. The caller had told Dhiraagu Mahloof’s mobile phone had been lost.

Mahloof was recently expelled from the PPM for allegedly defaming President Abdulla Yameen.

PPM accused Mahloof of making statements that could undermine public confidence in President Yameen as well as misleading the public regarding the arrest of former Defense Minister Colonel (Retired) Mohamed Nazim.

Speaking to Minivan News at the time, Mahloof said: “I was removed from the party just like how the Auditor General and Supreme Court Justices were removed. In haste, without due process.”

Last week, Home Minister Umar Naseer alleged that a man armed with a knife and a hammer broke into his apartment building.

“A person broke the window and entered the adjacent apartment with a knife. He escaped when a woman screamed. Left a knife and a hammer,” read a tweet from the home minister the following morning.

The break-in came amidst shocking allegations of rifts within President Abdulla Yameen’s cabinet. Dismissed Defence Minister Nazim last week accused Tourism Minister Ahmed Adeeb of using rogue police officers to plant a pistol and three bullets in his apartment.

Nazim is currently in police custody standing trial for smuggling illegal weapons.

Nazim’s lawyers told the Criminal Court Adeeb threatened to “destroy” Nazim during a conference call with Naseer. The home minister had informed President Yameen of the threat at the time, he claimed.

Adeeb told Minivan News he was “shocked” by Nazim’s lawyer’s “lies.”

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Gang members on front lines of ‘cost of living’ protest, claim police, arresting 52

Police arrested 52 persons during last night’s protest who they claim are connected to various gangs in Male’.

A group of youths, led by opposition MPs, have commenced series of protest demanding the resignation of President Mohamed Nasheed after the government decided to shift the fixed Rf12.85 dollar exchange rate within a 20 percent band.

Police said those arrested were known to be involved in crimes such as robberies, assault and battery and theft.

”We would like to note that gang members active on the front line of such protests at a time when the police are trying to curb the rise in gang related crimes could potentially obstruct the work of police,” said police in a statement. ”We advise people to conduct any activities that obstruct work by police to try make the society peaceful.”

”Some of the protesters who were covering their faces were reported to have sharp knives and such weapons with them,” police said, adding that some of the handmade explosives used in the demonstration could have potentially caused casualties.

Police also said that owners of shops near the intersection the protesters have called ”Tahrir Square” have repeatedly complained that the protest was causing damage to their businesses.

”Therefore, we would also like to remind protest organisers that the protest disturbs the residents of the area and causes damage to the business of shops located in the area,” said police.

Police appealed to politicians to cooperate with the work of the police to curb the rising crime rate in the Maldives.

The Police request for political cooperation comes after opposition MPs have said they would not pass the Crime Prevention Bill presented to the parliament which gives police the authority to search houses without a court warrant, suspend the right to remain silent all persons accused of crimes mentioned in the bill, and grants them the authority to hold persons in detention for 90 hours without a court warrant.

The bill has a ‘sunset clause’ making it active for 18 months, however the international community has expressed concern that the bill contradicts rights guaranteed in the constitution.

Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) MP Riyaz Rasheed told the press that he did not trust the police to provide them so much power, alleging that that police were violent and brutal in dispersing Saturday night’s protest, and that police would misuse those powers to arrest politicians.

No force was used during last night’s protest, police said, however a number of officers were injured by rocks, paving stones and other thrown objects.