Masked police officers destroy wall of house in Male’, block media

A squad of police officers yesterday destroyed the outer wall of Galolhu Masodige during a special operation.

The police squad, with their faces  covered with black masks, and demolished the outer wall of Masodige making part of the house visible to people walking down the street.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said that police special operation was conducted in relation to the multiple stabbings that occurred in Male’.

He said that two men were arrested yesterday from Masodige.

”Police found sharp objects and weapons that could potentially used for assault and battery when police checked Masodige,” Shiyam said. ”We are checking several places in order to find people who violated laws and to find weapons used in assault.”

Police forced a Minivan News journalist out of the area and disallowed photos to be taken.

Photo: ‘The Day the Wall of Masodi Town Fell Down…’ by Hilath Rasheed