Islamic Ministry unveils special prayer garb for women

The ministry of Islamic affairs has unveiled special prayer garb for women today, following alleged complaints over women failing to wear the appropriate clothes at the mosque.

The new garb consists of a white burka with a large white underskirt. An un-named individual donated the first 50 pieces of clothing to the Islamic Center today.

“Sometimes, when women who go to the mosque to pray they do not wear appropriate clothes, which leads them to reveal awra. That’s why the individual donated the garbs on his own accord” said deputy minister Mohamed Ali today.

The islamic ministry plans to place similar pieces of clothing at mosques throughout the country. The mosques will be responsible for washing and laundering the prayer clothing.

Women usually pray in a separate area at mosques. At many mosques, the women’s quarters are walled off by wooden walls.

Speaking to Minivan News, deputy Islamic minister Dr. Aishath Muneeza said that the ministry had been considering placing prayer garb at mosques before the donation from a private individual.

“We receive a lot of complaints, mostly from tourists. In other countries, a lot of mosques provide prayer garbs and socks so that there is easy accessibility into the mosque,” she said.

Dr. Muneeza said it will not be compulsory for women to wear the new clothing, but said it is provided for women who may not have clothing suitable for prayer when they enter the mosque.

“For example, now very busy women can also pray at a mosque, instead of going all the way home to pray,” she said.

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